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Botox for tremors?

right now my neuro has me on Botox shots in my neck for tremors. Only had it done once and it helped about 10%. Going back for another try on double the dose. He gives the shots in the muscles in the sides of my neck, but it feels like the origination of the tremors is in the nerves in the back of my neck on one side. at 2 grand a shot session here in the usa, does anyone else have shots and are they successful??????

ALso have trouble with my right hand" getting lost" and doing it s own thing and low motor skills and wonder how to strengthen my hands. Some times its hard to drink water out of a glass because it shakes so much. Is this normal?

thanks Ms Noir

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I wanted Botox for the stiff muscles in the bottom of my what. I could not walk heel to toe. The doctor would not give me Botox, she said it would weaken the muscles too much in my foot and suggested more physical therapy. I never heard about Botox in the neck. Hand shaking is common.

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In 13 years of having PD I have never heard of botox used in this way. It is (in some people's eyes) a beauty enhancement. Get rid of the wrinkles etc.

Botox comes with a warning that it can cause near or real fatality if it interferes with swallowing. Injections in the neck seem a bit hazzardous to my untrained medical mind.

At 2 grand a shot I'm sure this person would encourage you to have them. Sorry, just thinking aloud. Botox injections can cause muscle weakness - That does not compute with PD.


I've heard Botox is sometimes injected into the urinary bladder to prevent overactive bladder but have know personal knowledge of the efficacy of this treatment.


I've been doing Botox for a year for shoulder and back pain..helps with the stiffness but for only 2 months and can only get shots everything months..


If you're on Facebook there's a dystonia Botox PD page that's informative.


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