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Hi all

YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!! yes its that time again, the weekend is upon us. So whats everyone up to? Its the usual thing for me, seeing my kids, having fun! :-) :-D and taking my youngest one, Phoebe to a friends party...parties eh? my kids have a better social life than me! LOL :-D

Anyway have fun guys n gals ;-)

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I've had company for the last 4 weeks...looking forward to some quiet time.

I did feel blessed to have so much family around. :)


Yes, love to see them come and GO! It's like vacation you can't wait to go but sometime toward the end of the trip you can't wait to get back in your own bed. Perhaps that really translates to getting back to your normal routine. LOL! However, it's always good to see family and friends. Our son and his family (3 busy, busy boys!) are coming the end of the month. Woo-hoo! :-)


Well here we go, oh iam just doing the same as usual, have a few beers with mates sat, working on sunday for a few hrs , then a photo shoot sunday pm , some model agency want me to join them as a mature modle for tv work, well knew i would hit the big time but at 53 what the hell i am going for it



Hey go for it remember.......pout pout love!!! you look gorgeous!!!!! LMFAO :-D




well well - a star is born - good luck and enjoy the attention .. have missed you - where have you been ? xx


My wife and I are going to New Orleans for a week.


YEA! Have fun.


Going to the Ren Fair and watch a joust and eat a roasted turkey leg ;)


Sounds fun!


Aaaaah the weekend - did I mention that my son was running the silverstone 1/2 marathon on Sunday for Parkinson's uk? We will all be there cheering in our PUK t shirts. I am so looking forward to this event but have the horrible feeling that there will be bucket loads of tears when he crosses over that line. He has worked so hard and shed 4 1/2 stone since my Diagnosis last August - and has so far raised £1720 - his contribution towards a cure :)) xx


Your son sounds like a true blessing.

Praying his does wonderful!


That is wonderful! Good for him and good for you. You are both blessed to have each other.


good luck to your son, he sounds an amazing kid.

my weekend

went down harbor in town (irvine) to watch flashdance with friends few drinks , actually having sat off from work so housework may be on cards then dinner and drinks with friends, Sunday ( dont laugh) craft fayre at the ssec with friend and her mum,

alsh59 good luck with modeling my sis was talking about auditions in glasgow for some tv prog looking for extras, thinking about it no one on tv with pd ( none i can think of) but i may be wrong

andyc your kids may have better social life just now but i usually drive my parents to the bowling club on sat night both of whom are in their late 70s,they dont go till about 9.30 if not out im thinking about bed by then lol,,,


Going to watch basketball for my 7 yearold and then taking both boys with me to a roller skating party. Love roller skating...then hanging around until Sunday when we do our church thing and prepare for Monday while trying to recover from losing an hours sleep from the time change!


hi andy and all

off to the NE tgoday for my dad s 90th partY ON SUNDAY

Not seen him since october as i canntot drive ther any more

and no news o the Move AS YET

LOL jill :-)

enjoy drews party on sundya night

an dhappy hiorthdya DREW


I'm seeing my x-husband for the 1st time in 22 years........WOW


I hope your day is good!


It is mid morning and the house is quite. Everyone is getting some well deserved sleep. This is the first weekend in a while that we haven't had something going on. Hubbs in one direction, me in the other with two teens very involved in their sports.

The homestead needs a little TLC. Projects that were started a month ago need to be finished. Like the gardens , the crepemyrtls my hubbs thought he trimmed but, really murdered. I have stalks instead of pruned trees!

No out of town family or friends coming to visit. Thank Goodness! We live in Louisiana and there are festivals every weekend and lots to be involved in and just do.

It's a nice quiet. The two cats and dog are even sleeping in!

This is a great day to throw together a crawfish boil and reconnect with the neighbors.

It's going to be a nice weekend. Just calm and Quiet!

Y'all have a good one too.


Fell for Louisiana on my first visit. Been to New Orleans three times and really enjoyed it.

Unlikely to go again but I keep in touch through the novels of James Lee Burke, my favourite author. I've read ALL his books so far and he really captures the spirit of the South. Makes me feel envious when he describes having coffee and beignets at the Cafe Du Monde!!

Sadly, the trip from UK is no longer viable but I have the memories.


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