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This Life

I hate this life,

Oddly demanding

And expecting

All of me,

All of me

To bend low

To its strength,

To lie still,

Allowing it

To consume me.

The disease

Wants to

Overpower me

And I say,

"yes, yes",

"I will be

Free then",

But I knew

I couldn't,

I wouldn't,

Just give up

Nor quit,

I will fight

For every


every minute,

To remember

every hour,

I Spent lost

In your embrace.

I will not

Allow myself

To give up,

To give up,

On you,

And me.

I hate this life.


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Hang in there, girl! Yeah, I know this affliction is wicked, because I got it too. It whacks at us about 199 different ways with the pain, sleeplessness, and all the rest of it. But the tougher you get, the more it crawls back under it's rock where it belongs.

I see you paint stuff. Why not turn up the AC DC to wine glass breaking level, get out your painting stuff, and make something to give someone that will bring them joy! Talk about Parkinson's retreating to under it's rock! You just watch!

Now pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Let's you and me rock! We'll show that nasty old Mr. Parkinson's!



Hang in there girl! I can tell by your post that you're a fighter....I know, I know, sometimes life just "sucks!" But we're all in this together ...I have PD to and it sure can make it a "challenge" just to live sometimes...but life is to "precious" even if we only get some short moments to enjoy.....those moments are worth it!

Please, please take as care of yourself as best you can....and I'll be praying that you get a "glimmer" of "His" strength to help you through. <3


You and your writing are amazing. Parkinsons is only part of who you are, a large part I know, but your writing is a larger part and as long as you can express your feelings in this way, you are stronger than Parkinsons.

I understand your feelings completely. Feeling so unwell all the time is exhausting, but I hope that at least one thing from your day has given you a little respite from the downside of having Parkinsons, however small this was.

Maybe, just maybe tomorrow will be a little better for you. I do hope so.



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