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Me and my tremor

We have become so close now that it is always there, whether wanted or not, I was just wondering whether anyone's partner has noticed their tremor active during the night. My husband would sleep though anything so it is no good asking him!

Also, sometimes it is there when I wake, other times It does not appear for some time - even when I don't take my tablets. Sometimes it doesn't appear even when my tablets are overdue. Other times my tablets don't kick in and I can't get rid of it. It seems to have a mind of its own. Other times my leg is affected and not my hand. where I first noticed it.

All in all, it makes it difficult to plan in advance. I find it doesn't like me knitting, or maybe it does, because it doesn't affect me then.

I am beginning to feel it is calling all the shots and I can't allow that.

Was wondering whether anyone else has had similar experiences and how they coped with them.

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All I can do is tell you what my Dad went through, he had it for years. His wife said he shook so bad the whole bed would shake. She had to stop sleeping with him.. He amazed me shaving. I would be afraid I would cut my throat but he would shake until he got to his face then it is like he made the shaking stop when he left his face to rinse the shaver off he would shake the whole time. The same goes when he ate or drank coffee. He hated PD so bad but he was determined it would not beat him. From what I have learned here everyone has different reactions.


Court, My husband does not tremor during his sleep. He does make strong jerks though.His doctor told us PD patients won't tremor in their sleep. He also has dreams where he acts out some actions. He is afraird he will hurt me during one of his crazy dreams!! LOL!! Those are a bit scary. He will yell or wave his arms and sometimes hit me. Thankfully not hard!!

He also has the tremor when he has taken his meds. Most of the time it goes away but not always. He hates that. He also has times where the tremor is not visable but he feels he is going a mile a minute and gets very annoyed and tired. He looses his balance and coordination when that happens.

His legs or leg, (his tremors are on his left side), give him alot of trouble too. He hurts and feels he can not lift his leg to walk. It drags. He has to concentrate to make it work. It will not move on it's own is what he says.

Every day is differant for him too. We don't make many plans anymore. We have to wait and see how his body is every day and then go with it. It took some time to get used to this but we are ok now with it. We can't travel anymore. It is too hard. We do miss that.


My husband has the dreams but they are a lot less freq since he started on zoloft. Tremors have never been a real issue for him. It is the pain that affects him most and the weakness when he sits too long and gets up a his pressure drops very low..


Undiagnosed - but with symptoms like you explain. Jerking hard at night and tremors when I lay down. I really have to think hard about relaxing to get tremors to stop and sometimes they just dont. Used to love to go for walks with my little daughter of 5 but now I am too slow for her and she just tells me to "hurry up mom".

nights sometimes the arms get going like I am swimming and hubby just thinks it dreams.



I have had PD for 15 years. Much of the day I have tremors, especially before I take my meds, For several minutes after I take my meds, my tremors and dyskinesia increase. My neurologist says this is common and will get worse thee longer I take meds. I am told when I sleep I have no tremors but when I wake up in the morning they are pretty bad. If I concentrate on my tremors I can control them somewhat but the minute I think of other things, they return.


My kids tell me I have no tremors when I fall asleep in my chair, and my girlfriend says I don't have them when I'm asleep. When I had my DBS, my neurosurgeon told me the reason they keep you awake during the procedure (or half awake) is b/c for most people the tremors disappear during sleep...thereby making it difficult to place the electrodes for optimum relief.


Amazing how we "almost" experience and have the same "thing." It is almost like these post I could have written. i sure relate.


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