Parkinson's Movement

this may be one for jon stamford

does anyone know of any current research into a drug called sativex,i believe it has been licenced for MS treatment and i,v read that it has shown solid and promising effects in preclinical trials in some symptoms of PD,i,v little doubt it wont be followed up because it is cannabinoid based due to a blame culture that exists these days,it seems to me that unless a new drug is passed it has to be 100% proven,i wonder how many other drugs have fallen by the wayside because of this.

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Hi sasha,from what i,v read it can help with tremor,and movement symptoms like dystonia,dyskeneisia.ect.some of the symptoms MS also causes.



I note you haven't any answers yet. I think Jon will not have seen this question and now he is on holiday. He is a neuro-scientist. I wonder if there are any chemists on the forum who also might have some information. I hope you get an answer to your question.


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