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I am 39 and taking 2 to 4 Madopar tablets a day do you think I will end up with dyskinesia?

I am starting Pramipexole .52mg per day prolonged release in the morning as Requip XL 6mg is not working out. The idea is that I take the lower dosage of dopamine agonist and top it up with Madopar. I am worried that I will end up with dyskinesia due to my age and how early I am taking Levodopa.

On Requip XL I was having sleep problems, eating in the night and sewing a lot.

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What is your Madopar dosage? Tonyx


Maybe, maybe not. Not trying to sound like a smart-aleck, but without a crystal ball it is very difficult to determine how your parkinson's continues to present itself.

Sorry, probably not the answer you're looking for.

Steve (Bisbee, AZ)


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