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poem from a friend

Growing old!

by Robert A. Dixon

If we are born, the future is clear

No one knows how we'll get out of here

Health and money, who the hell knows

We'll be lucky if born, with all twelve of our toes

From birth to our death, how long is the time

No one knows, and that's not a crime

What is a crime is how our time's spent

If our priorities are just paying the rent

Living each day as if waiting for death

That offence should not be taken in jest!

The gift of our life is a wonderful thing

Whether given by God, or some other thing

One thing's for sure, we can't come to the end

And then think to ourselves, I'll do it again!

I'll take that vacation, I'll buy that big car

I'll eat all those goodies, from cake to Tartare

I'll laugh more then cry, I'll smile more then frown

I'll love all the people I've been chasing around

I'll sleep when I'm tired, I'll fight when I'm mad

I'll smile all the time and never be sad!

But my dear friends please think of it now!

Not at your last breath, do it here and right now!

Live life as if, this day is your last!

One thing's for sure, it will come to pass,

When the breath that you take, will be your last one

No could'a, or should'a, your life will be done

So to all of my friends, and those who've just read

these poetic words, that I've written and said

I want you to know, its because that I care

for the people I've known, and others out there

Who knows if I'm right? God knows I'm not smart,

but one things for sure, I've become an old fart!

I've lived my life, by these words that I've said,

And now each night as I lay down my head

On that pillow of mine in my big fluffy bed,

I can't help but smile as I drift off to sleep,

And think to myself, of the memories I keep,

What a wonderful life, of good family and friends,

And if by some chance, tonight my life ends,

I'll know that the time that I've lived here on earth

Was spent with much joy, much caring and worth

After all my dear friends, at the end of our day

What more could we ask for, wish for, or pray!

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Beautiful!!! I love it!! Great work!! We all should live by these words!!


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