Creaking neck

Does anyone else notice a creaking sound when they move their head? I have recently found that when nodding or shaking my head, I experience this unusual sound. Also, if I shake my head vigorously, I get a very strange noise and feel that my brains, or rather what is left of them, are almost rattling around.

I hasten to add that I do not walk round nodding or shaking my head, but rather notice this when I bend my head to read a paper or something similar.

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  • I've noticed over the last couple of months a stiffening of the neck and the shoulders, the locking of my neck is so bad at times that when I've tried to move my head, there has been a crack so loud it could be heard in another room. On rotating my head and neck there appears to be a noise similar to walking on gravel in my ears. I was going to ask the PD Dr at my next appointment about this.

  • Alas I too have this problem and have had it for years. My muscles and tendons are very rigid. I take muscle relaxers and stretch exercises daily to keep them from pulling things out of place.....

  • Y'all are not hydrated. Drink lots of water. I drink, what I call a sipper (because I sip it and keep adding too it all day), It's distlled water with fresh lemon juice (just a little for taste and it helps to detox the liver too), a chunk of cucumber for the B vitamins and a strawberry or a rasberry for the potassium and to make it pretty. I'm a southern girl so I drink mine over ice and just keep adding to it all day. ENJOY!

  • that sounds really nice! will give it a try. My neck cracks and creaks like an old barn door! ortho says its degeneration as we get older?

    jo x

  • In all probability you are describing arthritic joint crepitation. With age and injuries the numerous joint surfaces become irregular and creak with movements . Add in rigidity and the tightness creates the symptoms. Maintaining mobility through stretching exercise is the best thing to do.

  • check for bone spurs in the neck creaked and cracked alot..found out about those spurs...

  • From the answers I have received, it looks as though the trouble I have with my neck is not related to my Parkinsons. I try to drink plenty, but admit I should drink more. I will continue to exercise my neck and see if this helps.

    Thank you all for your comments.

  • I have had troubles with my neck...including severe muscle spasms, not being able to turn it easily. My Parkinson's med. has helped my neck muscle symptoms a great deal.

  • i get a creaking neck which can be heard by someone else it sometimes feels like an elastic band snapping

  • I get a creaking stiff neck, just try to move it slowly until it comes back to life.

    Bambi xx

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