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I've lost my Patients

I've lost my Patients

No, Virginia, the misspelled word in the title isn't due to dementia. It was intended to be so. What I am referring to is the fact that for the last couple of weeks, my status as a mere Parkinson's patient has been covered up by the fact that I actually still am a viable and functional human being. I have not felt this good in several years, and have enjoyed completing some really fun things in my little shop. I have killed spiders for Penny. I have worked until I was covered in sweat and my muscles were sore. I haven't even dropped most of what was at one time in my hands onto the ground where I couldn't pick it up. And the best part of all: My thoughts and opinions on daily activities were sought after for my knowledge and life experiences rather than just being with a blank smile and a quick change of subject.

What brought this short-lived phase on? One would guess it was correcting blood sugar levels and blood pressure in correlation with where we currently stand in our endless journey to keep me filled with the perfect mix of legal dope of many, many kinds. It's academic, really, because the bottom line is that it has been a pleasure. ( Thank you Lord ).

But as usual, the wickedest of my enemies, time, is running out. The multitude of tests given me recently has shed light on a new generation of failings as far as my physical self. The results have not been given to us yet. Rather, they are the kinds of things that would be better discussed in person, sitting down, and Dixie Cup water provided.

Se" La' Vi', say I. We have become veterans at extracting glorious, fulfilling lives when told that there was not a chance for it. The emotion of fear has taken a back seat to everything else since we discovered that all it did was rob us of precious time.

So onward we shall go, wherever that may take us. We will listen carefully to the insight of the doctors we are so blessed to have on our team, and do what we can from here. Not to try to live longer. Not because of fear. We will go on to try and do the very, very best with what we have been given to enjoy the time we do have, and to share our joy with others whenever and wherever we can.


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