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Dear Parkinson's Disease

Dear Parkinson's Disease

Dear Parkinson's Disease,

You seem to be having a bad week. Things went so well for you for such a long time too. You had everyone believing there was nothing to be done about you but just sit down and slowly let you destroy them bit by bit. your fangs were stained with the blood of the people you were devouring.

But you let your guard down, didn't you?

This week has brought about the start of a campaign against you that is going to whack you silly. People are tired of the same old same old of sending donations to places that do nothing to fight you they are standing up, taking up their weapons and are going to battle you toe to toe. It is going to be an old fashioned bare fisted fight, with so many joining in, you're going to do a 180 degree turn and run like a scared child.

Yup, Parkinson's, it's been a bad week. Looking like it's not going to let up either. Do what you can, but as far as I can tell, you are going to get whacked bad, and real soon.


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Thanks for your comments! I agree,you need to get mad sometimes! We must take back control of our lives. I'm going to "suck the marrow" out of life no matter how hard Parkinson's, Cancer, or Arthritis tries to slow me down. I've had to deal with this trio of "Bad Guys" for many years! I'm proud to say I'm still standing and fighting and having a wonderful life.

This trio of creeps can't take away my creativity, my ability to have fun, my love of family, my enjoyment of a good meal, music, a deep conversation, or the beauity of my garden.

Keep Fighting!

Your Parkie Sister,



Atta girl, Bette!

Hang tough and show old Mr. Parkinson's what a smile you still got in your heart. You'll be a winner every time!


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