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What are accommodations?

I don't think I'm ready to leave my teaching job on disbility, but I really don't know what accommodations are reasonable to expect so I can continue working. Already they have made allowances for my trouble writing, but I need more time to prepare lessons and my teaching space for classes. Would I be able to be excused from duties ("door supervision", etc.) so I could gain this time? Also I am required to travel which makes carpooling an impossibility. Could I require an assignment that leaves me in one building? If simple adjustments could be made to lower the stress level, would that be OK? Are these adjustments outside of the definition?

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You have to work with your HR dept. Also in US once they give you an "accomodation" they can't take it away. But find an ADA expert or website. If I were working, I'd be hanging on too.


Never though of an accomodation while teaching. Wish I had.


The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities. You need to work with your doctor and HR dept. You doctor could also request a worksite evaluation. This way a professional can come in and evaluate you in your work environment. They can than make recommendations for accommodation.


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