I don't want to go

I don't want to die at all

Maybe even ever

It's not that I'm afraid of what comes next

It's that I'm terrified to leave

Too soon

there is something I need to do

you see

There's a daughter

I have to grow

she doesn't even know

And there's more

There are

friends from before

friends from today

and friends yet made

I've got gardens to plant

Seeds to sow

And you know, I move slow

No I don't want to go

5 Replies

  • Nice!! :-)

  • How true. :-)

  • Seeds

    Shake and Sprout

    Life begins

    All is well

    Life begins


    like friends

    and children

    Joys to soothe the Pain

    all life is Pain

    so sayeth the Buddha

    Not from where I shake.

  • Beautiful poem, Chris!

  • Thanks Tonya

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