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As I have mentioned in an earlier posting, we want to look at symptom changes with Parkinson's over the course of time. For this reason we will be running a series of flashpolls during this month. Some flash polls will apply to some of you but not others. Please bear with us. We are looking at patterns of illness more than anything. At the end of the month we will be running a small survey and will give you the web address for that nearer the time. Once again, thanks for all your time with these polls. This information is really useful.

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Although my husband had been troubled with small handwriting , nightmares , droopy painful right shoulder , for many years . It wasn't until he mentioned his arm tremored when he stretched into his pocket , he was slow to answer me , blank droopy face slow/stiffness that I began to worry when he also had balance problem . we kept putting it down to his lack if hearing on one side . It still took 3 years for the GP to recognise it


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