Want to help with Parkinson's research and have your DNA tested?

I received an e-mail from the Michael J. Fox Foundation about the "Fox Trials" which are clinical studies to find a cure or treatments for PD. The e-mail had a link to a research facility that is looking to do a DNA analysis on 10,000 participants, and they still need over 3,000 diagnosed PD patients. The participation is beyond easy. They will mail you a free kit, where you swab your mouth and mail it back in. 6-8 weeks later, you will receive your DNA analysis. There is no fee to participate.

I just ordered my kit. I'll do everything that I can to find a cure to this stupid Parkinson's Disease!!!!

If you want to check this out, here is the link:

23andme.com/pd/ (tells about the research)

23andme.com/pd/codereq/ (to order the kit)

One day I hope there is a cure for Parkinson's so all of us can get out there and enjoy life to its fullest.

~ Anne

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  • Just to add - the kit is free for Parkies' people. Tony

  • I did it and found it kind of hard to understand.

  • I meant the results were difficult to understand.

  • I ordered the kit. I hope I did it correctly. We'll see. I agree with DiCan, it was hard to understand.

  • we just got the kit yesterday. Haven't had time to read about it yet. But will this coming week.

  • Just got my kit back from 23andMe yesterday but also have not had time to read it. Will do so and return it as soon as I can.

    I am sure the gene research will prove interesting and only hope it doesn't throw up anything I would rather not know. But if it helps with research, it will be worth it.

  • Did mine 4 weeks ago, still waiting for results, but I am encouraging all my friends, PWPs et al, to do it...easy to do by the way,...

  • I did it about a year ago. I agree, the results are hard to understand and I am still getting periodic updates. But if it helps I'm for it and I don't really care if I understand it or not. My bad??? :-)

  • I did a DNA test, it doesn't run in my genes. I feel it's environmental but that is my thought..not proven.

  • What kind of results and what do you know about your family tree tht you didn't? I sent for it but NYS law prohibits me from mailing from New York State :(

  • I sent them my saliva. At this point I figure why not? My knowledge of the world of research: lots of waiting, often incomprehensible, but! when they hit, wow. Maybe we will all be in the same protocol And have a party.

  • Can you join in from the uk?

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