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A message in a bottle?

Good morning fellow Parkies,

I'm having a really good time just now - almost normal (if you know what I mean). I wish we could predict these times & bottle them. We'd each have a bottle of our own 'cure' to drink from:.we could share a holiday drink, take a tot for a family occasion, travel with a flask or drink the lot, have a blast while it lasts & go out with a BANG!!!!!

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I'm happy for you honeycombe3! I hope your day continues to be a good one.

Cheri :)


well done honey

shasha xx


Am pleased you are having a good time. I also wish we could bottle these times. You missed a good party last night. A bit quiet, but still had some laughs. You will have to try and make the next one. Sure you would enjoy it.



Sue, thanks I'll try.


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