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How have you changed since you were diagnosed?

I feel my way of thinking and responding to other people has changed, for the better I hope, since my diagnosis, I was just wondering whether anyone else had noticed a change, not physically, which applies to us all, but mentally. I feel I am mentally stronger and strangely, although I have suffered with depression in the past, this seems to be on the back boiler at the moment.

I hope I have become more compassionate and a nicer person to know. Sure not everyone would agree!!



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hi sue

i too suffered frm depression / anxiety most of my adult life

but it has NOT been a problem sicne my diagnsois of PSP

i felel stronger in myself mentally (anxiety sky

i have got thro 2 winters not using my lgiht box for SAD

(In fact i havenot used it for 3 or 4 winters now)

but the PSP is difficult 4 me as i ge tso frustrated when i falll / cannto do things cos my co-ordionation has gone/

or try ot do somehtign and drop it or fall

or fail

I WAS a perfectionist but no longer am.....

love jill

ps sorry ur son is back in hospital again

hwo is he ??

we all care about you your fiamily and whatever additional probs u have


I wish PD had the first 2 answers effect on him!! He has become depressed, angry, and very sad. He tries to hide it but it is very hard. He used to be funny, full of strength, he had dreams and always always working. He is a different man now and no longer wishes even to live some days..


I meant to say i wish PD had the first 2 amswers posted same effect on my husband.


I have noticed changes since diagnosed. I don't know if it is denial or just the fight...but work at keeping a positive outlook. I get frustrated as there are days that are better then others, and the fumbling, and coordination problems can be annoying, i thought my sense of smell loss was due to sinus problems. lol and the tremor in my right hand and arm well i can make scrambled eggs in the morning for everyone!! It is very strange in feeling. I do believe though, mentally, am stronger because of staying positive, or trying to, and realize I am not alone in this. We can't die from this, and we can work in ways to make life better and fuller and add much to society. WE are not done yet!!


Thanks. Just the sort of answer I was looking for. I agree, I think when we accept the diagnosis we do get stronger. I expect it is because we are determined to fight. But, of course, this depends on the severity of this monster. Personally, I feel as though my personal space has been invaded. I never invited Parkinsons into my life, but it just does not get the message. GO AWAY YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. I suppose we just have to make the best of the cards we are dealt.


Yes I"m stronger and more resilient. And since I've had to take AccessARide for first time in my life I'm on time. Yes, I was always the annoying one who showed up late. Sorry. Having to be on time made me realize how much self centered fear controlled me. Now grateful for every little thing i CAN do!


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