No it won't

No it can't

No it doesn't

No it isn't going to


It can think again, play all the games, try and trip me up, sneak off with my life, slowly erode my dreams, try and wreck everything, well it can think again.

I won't stand for it

I won't tolerate it

I won't allow it


Today's word, and tomorrows, and the day after. Its my 'ground hog day'

Just say NO

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  • I love this HH! Thank you for posting xx

  • It is alive.

    It lives inside.

    It is a beast.

    It wants my life.

    It spreads like fire,

    Through every fiber.

    It doesn't hide.

    It just resides.

    It is alive.

    It makes me cry.

    It wounds my pride.

    It wills me to die.

    But, I'll say 'NO'.

    I'll claw and fight.

    I'll still be standing

    By the end of the night.

    I'll get out of bed

    By dawn's early light.

    And, all over again

    I'll fight the good fight.

    And, just by saying 'NO'

    We'll live.

    We'll be alright.

  • love them both!

  • I wish I could express my feelings with poetry. The above are just amazing. The only thing we can do is say NO AND FIGHT.



  • Awesone!!! Your words are exactly what I feel inside but was unaaaable to convey them. I copied it off so I can put it where I can see it. Thanks for the posting. Shelley :)

  • No






  • You heard me.

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