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What Can Be Worse?

What can be worse than having PD?

Plenty of things, to this we might agree.

Like never again to feel the sunshine on your face,

Or never to be the recipient of a tender, warm embrace.

Like having a hunger deep within, and nothing to fill you up,

Or having your freedom taken away, tempting your will to give up.

Like being unable to hear the laughter of a precious baby, so sweet,

Or being unable to see God's handiwork He created in less than a week.

But, even worse than all of these put together, I would say,

Is the pain of losing someone dear, whose friendship you can n'er repay.

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Lovely. First thing I read when I woke up. Thanks.



Thank you


I am not really a fan of poetry. I never got past the limerick stage. The first thing that struck me was the visual impact of your poem - it made me look. Having read it a few times now I have found it very moving and real and I can relate to all of it. It's a great piece. Thank you.


Thank you for that. I like to write, but poetry isn't my strong suit.


Thank you TonyaV! I needed that!

Cheri :)


hi tonya

a good poem!

do NOT underestimate yoru qualities as a poet!!

lol jill :-)


Hi Tonya,

Lovely words.

Bev xx


Awesome and truely uplifting to everybody epesially those if us with PD. And to say that poetry is not your strong suit is not correct. It did exactly what a good poem should do, make us feel and think and give thanks for the blessings we do have. THank you for your gift!!


Beautiful---a great way to view PD. There are so many things that are worse though some days...........Thanks.


Thank you for the wonderful point of view and something to always remember.


Thank you good poem


Thanks to all for your encouraging words. We all need them!

Let's keep movin'!


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