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My Favorite Things-Making Life with PD More Manageable

Sometimes PD makes it hard to perform everyday tasks. Here are some items that help me.

Satin pajamas- If your ability to scoot,turnover or get out of bed is impaired satin PJs slide and make it easier.

Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler -It's a brush and hairdryer in one. No need to have two hands to do your hair.

Full Coverage Front Close Nadia Bra by Soma- Finally a bra that supports,is pretty and does not take 15 minutes to fasten.

Active wear- Nike, Starter,Adidas,and Target all have sweats that are more attractive than sweats but as easy to put on.

Lift Seat Cushion- gets you back up after sitting down.

SUV or Truck-much easier getting in and out of because it is higher than a car.

Velcro fasten Mary Jane walking shoes

Handicapped Apparel -

Baby Powder-makes socks and pants slide on easier

Raised toilet seat-for when you can't get off the pot

What tools do you use that helps your daily life?

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hi jerebet

i too havea raised toilet seat a shower stool a frame around the toilet in the bahtroom btu sitll falll over regualarlyu in that room

i also have socks and tights thingsm to ehlp em put them on - not v/. good- my carer does htat 4 me

zips buttons a problem but i am not going down the velcro route yet

my knee pad sare essential adn i wear them 24 /7 apart from 5 mis in the shower each am

i need elbow pads as welll as my right side takes the brunt of my falls

i am getign good exercise going up adn down the stairs for my cat and will hopefully shortly nto have to do that as i am movign to a groudn floor apartment in tjhe same


(see my answers ot many blogs on this )

iyt is not oyhr weeked yet but i have had afew glasses fo wine and my typing is better

yeah! believe it or nto

love jill :-)

\ps donot forget the party on sat nigjht 2 celebrate my immiinent move!


Hi Jillann, You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Cheers! I so miss wine. Can' t have it with the Azilect ;-(

Have a glass for me.Don't work too hard on the move.I hope you and your kitty enjoy your new place.


You can have white wine with Azilect, just not red wine.


My neurologist did not advise me of that

What is the issue of red wine and Azilect?


Hi Jill. How are you doing? Not long before the big day. Not sure whether I will be able to make the party. We should have been going to open our caravan for the season, but our son is back in hospital - yet again.

Had tests on Tuesday, another infection yesterday. Took himself to hospital after work - with temp of just under 40 - and was admitted. If we don't go, and it depends how he gets on - will be at party. Try and stop me.




I have velcro mary jane shoes, but unless I get the velcro exactly lined up and press on it, hard, the strap comes loose.

They were expensive and I like them.


Hi Di, so true about velcro shoes. Mine were not expensive and they beat the heck out of buckles.


Keen shoes and sandals- they have an elastic loop closure and are so well built that my fussy feet don't hardly complain,

Satin nighties are great and I use a baby blanket that is satin on one side and fleece on the other (stays where it is put ) to help witih turning and getting in and out of bed,

Oh, eyeliner. ladies ? does is make you cringe just reading ? I found one called Voluminous eyeliner by L'Oreal has a unique sponge tip that I can control just enough to get some where it should be.

Thanks for the ideas - this is so practical- and it can make life just a litle simpler.


Thank you Jill, Great suggestions. I'll check out the shoes and eyeliner.


I find sleeping in the nude is easier than any kind of pj's. Any form of pj or nightie gets all twisted when you turn over.


Same here !



Thanks for all the great websites! I have a great deal of trouble turning around when I try to get in bed ,the car,etc. I found something called a swivel disk to help me with this problem on one of the websites you listed. I also found an inexpensive seat lift. I can't wait to receive them and try them out. You're such a blessing. Thanks!


Great post! Thanks for sharing your founds!!

I am in search of socks that don't burn feet, slide away or roll under my feet !! Also tennis shoes with a lot of support for I walk and exercise a lot , I have Parkinson and knee osteoarthritis .

Thank you and looking forward to your suggestions !