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578 days to go

The World Parkinson Congress, as many of you know, takes place every three years. The last one was in Glasgow in 2010 and the next WPC meeting takes place in Montréal on 1-4 October 2013. That may seem a long way off but it's worth putting in your diaries now because you'll be amazed at how quickly the time flies. Why is the WPC and important? Because this is the only Congress in the field where patients, physicians and scientists all mingle together. Let me give you 10 reasons to attend WPC 2013

1) to be motivated by inspiring speakers

2) to connect with, be understood by, and learn from people living positively with Parkinson's

3) to sharing the encouragement of people from around the world who are touched by Parkinson's

4) to gain helpful resources and tools while making new contacts and developing enduring relationships to help you and others deal with the challenges.

5) to learn the best strategies, and share your insights of coping effectively and positively.

6) to experience the energy of passionate scientists, researchers and conditions searching for a cure, exploring better treatment options and creating a brighter future for people with Parkinson's

7) to interact directly with world-renowned presenters and panellists to get answers to your questions

8) to empower yourself and others to make a difference in the lives of people with Parkinson's

9) to gain new awareness about Parkinson's from leading decision researchers

10) to enjoy the excitement of Montréal, a world-class city where French meets English and the classic sophistication of Europe is reshaped by convivial Canadian character

if you're serious about taking control of your condition, then this is the place you need to be. There is no Congress quite like it. Most of us who went to Glasgow found it a life changing experience. I can't believe Montréal will be anything less!

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I will be there! Thanks for informing me.


Do you know what the registration fee was for the last Congress (person with PD & Care Partner)?


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