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Percy Hedley featuring Lucy Reynolds - YouTube

This video is about conductive education which is a form of physio

therapy and the physiotherapists are called Conductors.

The conductors teach people with parkers conductive education

They educate the conductors in the brain to remind the muscle how it should be used and how the conductors in the brain should react.

It is a way of life, it is the feel good factor and positive thinking. It is all about posture and attitude to life

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This is truly amazing. How do I go about finding conductive education for PD - I live near Oxford in the UK. Thanks



look on Birmingham university they do a BA Degree in C.E they will tell you where the centres are I hope


Many Thanks for this- we should all be asking our medical support about this

Best wishes Hamish


Thank you for watching the video it makes a difference !

I know watching the video isn't everyone's cup of tea but if they watched it like you Hamish and Compucure they will be astonished too and wished they looked earilier.

I'm glad it has got you both excited enough to look into it, keep me posted


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