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Evaluating Parkinson's Movement

As you know, Parkinson’s Movement is an exciting initiative from The Cure Parkinson’s Trust to involve people with Parkinson’s in research towards a cure for Parkinson’s.

Currently the site operates in two areas both accessed from

Here you can find features, reviews, interviews, debate and films about research and alongside this is a thriving community that is managed for us by HealthUnlocked.

It is fantastic that the community has now grown to over 1,000 members, which makes it a dynamic forum where people can ask and answer questions, post blogs and answer polls. Parkinson’s Movement has also been set up so to capture relevant data to that we feel is necessary to forge a way towards a cure. e.g. statistics on symptoms and the issues of importance to the people that know best…. people with Parkinson’s.

We are currently evaluating the site and would like to explore what aspects we need to develop further, particularly how site users can assist in the efforts to find a cure and we would very much like to ask for your help.

We are seeking two English speaking members of the community to take part in this evaluation which will involve completing online diaries over a three week period, online video interviews and online or in-person one-to-one user testing sessions. Blue Latitude has also asked that all potential participants complete a short survey at,

If you would be willing to take part, please complete the survey and email

Very many thanks for your help.

Helen,or Q

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I have submitted my initial questionnaire.

Let me take advantage of this reminder to tell you personally that this site obviously does many of us a world of good. Just read the posts.

I am grateful for your efforts.


I have also completed the survey. I am very grateful for this site and for the valuable information I have received from the wonderful and caring members..


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