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Ms. Parkie

Little Ms Parkie

Set out in the dark

Taking her courage to help find a way

Along came a parkie insider

who drew up beside her

And lighted Ms. Parkie’s way

So they journeyed together

these bold parkies two

Helping each other to find courage and ways

Then along came another

who was frightened and asked for a way

He felt left in the dark and no courage did spark

The bold parkies two knew just what to do

They shared their own courage and helped light a way

So the two became three and journeyed with speed

For soon they met more

and they opened wide the dark parkie door

haring stories of courage and ways

and there was laughing and talking all day

Now we are many

We’ve found strength in our numbers

And we hold fast to our courage and ways

We’ll share our stories and listen to yours

We’ll offer our own courage and help you be strong

It’s a very long journey, so come on along.

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a great poem Miss Muffett

lvoe jill :-)


LOVE IT!!!! You're very talented.


Really enjoyed this. Thanks. Describes this site exactly.


This site has truly been a godsend these past weeks--I hope I light a way for someone as those of your here have done for me.



I agree with all it is cute. Just remember we are not alone and we may be just one but we can make a difference Be the light house in the dark to show others the way


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