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Hooray we`re back in business!! lol :-) Hope everyone has had a good Sunday....I have been chillin on the sofa all day.....listened to the football on the radio earlier...my team, Sheffield Wednesday FC beat their neighbours and fierce rivals Sheffield United FC by one goal to nil in the "Steelcity" derby game so great result there Woo Hoo!! :-D COME ON THE OWLS!!!!! Yeesssssssss!!! :-D

Andy :-)

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  • hi andy

    i had dreadful job signing in again ...but here i am and glad of it - have missed my fix today ;-)

  • Hi Shasha

    Good to be back isnt it? :-) How`s your weekend been? xx

  • great thanks - we are avid rugby union fans so have had atreat - with wales and scotland not to mention france !!

  • Didn't know what to do with myself yesterday. No site to log onto and husband watching the football, even though he supports Everton!

    Dog is a lot better now. Took bandage, then dressing which Vet stapled to her ear to protect it off very quickly. At least it has stopped bleeding now, kitchen was covered in red dots! She is a young welsh sheepdog so is very lively, but has a lovely nature and is very obedient. Walking our two dogs keeps me going.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

    Sue :-)

  • Hi Sue, glad to hear your dog is ok now. I love collies, they are such inteligent dogs. As your husband is an Evertonian I guess he wanted Cardiff to beat Liverpool as I did! I also enjoyed the football as my team Sheffield Wednesday beat local rivals Sheffield United 1 - 0 so happy days! Lol. :-)

  • Yes, we both wanted Cardiff to win as we spend a lot of time in Wales. sorry, but my daughter is a Man U fan. I am afraid I don't follow football. Back at the vet's in the morning with Maisie, our dog. Hopefully for a final visit and, yes, she is very clever and so good natured. Our grandaughters absolutley lofe her.

    Sue :-) :-)

  • I`ve had many many happy holidays in Wales, both in the north and south but my favourite was always Tenby, although I did love Canaervon (hope I spelt it right) too :-) ;-) :-D :-P xx

  • hey andy - we too love tenby - did you ever get to MANOBIER ?

  • Hi Shasha

    Yes we did! absolutely loved it...and the castle...a lovely place.....aaahh the memories! :-) I also remember taking myself off to an airshow at RAF Brawdy near Haverfordwest.

  • were you in the RAF then ?

  • sorry did not read that properly !!

  • For a day there I thought that The Site vanished. Glad to be back! Happy Monday!!

  • Well, a fellow football (or, was we call it in the colonies, soccer) fan! My grandparents emigrated to the USA from Wales. Unfortunately, about the only games we get televised here are UEFA Championship league and one other I cannot remember just now.I would like to support Welsh teams, but we never get them here on radio or TV.

    I've watched ManU and Arsenal w/in the last month or so and, I think, ManU v. Chelsea, yes? Don't remember whether Chelsea won or not, but I do remember being impressed w/their playing.

    I played soccer from 5th grade thru college and beyond. It keeps trying to catch on here, and seems to have had some successes. Must admit I've kind of become a ManU fan. Sorry about that!

    I recently heard that soccer/football players can do it for 90 minutes and know 11 different positions :-}

    Any Welsh football fans out there??

  • Hiya, I`ll forgive you being a Man Utd fan...someone has to be i suppose :-D

    For your information being as you have Welsh blood in you, Cardiff City played against Liverpool in the League Cup final yesterday, however sad news as Liverpool won...great game though. Swansea City (The Swans) are currently playing in the Premier League over here and are doing ok at the moment.... Oh and Wales beat England in the big Rugby Union game on Saturday.

    Love your comment about football players doing it for 90 mins and know 11 different positions :-D very funny

    Andy :-)

  • welsh rugby !!

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