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Bypassing the Blood-Brain Barrier: Treating Parkinson’s Disease | Amirah Aly | TEDxNortheasternU


Interesting video. (Especially after the 4 minute mark).

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Dr. Aly has moved to British Columbia in ~2019. Working in the same field/interests .

"Her current postdoctoral research focuses on developing a non-invasive approach to deliver huntingtin-lowering antisense oligonucleotides to the brain for treatment of Huntington disease, using a novel nanoparticle platform that can penetrate the BBB."

From what I read today the "antisense oligonucleotides" are a new tool, for example PwP, to possibly knock out the process that kills our Neurons and then encourage the growth of new ones... but we will have to wait till the delivery system is created, tested and approved.

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