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My Mucuna Trip. Enjoy the humor!


After reading Stevenmast’s post from July titled “Mucuna my natural protocol” I was very interested in trying the NutriVitaShop brand of Mucuna Pruriens with Matcha Green Tea. Previously I had used Barlowe's 40%.

When my powder arrived, I eagerly whipped up a batch of tea and added Mucuna, and gulped it down. Oh my, I gagged, finding it totally unpalatable. By day three, I knew I could never sustain drinking this concoction several times a day with its gritty sediment awaiting the final gulp. Not only did it taste terrible, but it took me a painful half hour to get a cup of tea down. The results though were amazing, consistent and long lasting. I became determined to find palatable ways to ingest these products.

My first thought was a reminder of my college days. Who didn’t love Jello Shots, I thought! Yep I would simply replace the vodka with Macha, and add Mucuna. But, was it good for me? I had recently lost 20 lbs on a no sugar no flour diet. Reading the ingredients of Jello, I decided to grab a box of Gelatin thinking I could infuse Grapefruit juice or something similar. My first attempts failed miserably. The powder was heavier then water and sank to the bottom, the gelatin was worthy of the trash. But it wasn’t long before I perfected my method allowing the bottom layer to firm up, before adding the Mucuna and topping it off with a cooled Matcha infused Jello topping. Eureka,! Now I had something that I could take to work and get down enjoyably. They give you Jello in the hospital, so it can’t be that bad, right? Well, I was concerned, although only a 2 tablespoon servings of Jello, I wasn’t sure If the sugar was going to work for me long term.

So I put plan B in to action, I thought, why couldn’t I make mini ice cubes, so I searched around on Amazon and found mini ice trays 3/8” inch. I dumped an 1/8” teaspoon of mucuna into each tray slot, got out my turkey baster made Macha Green tea and topped each slot off with a few matcha tea droplets. It worked great, now I have any easy way to quickly ingest ice cubes with a warm glass of water. They’re no bigger than a 500mg B1 tablet. Again the efficacy was great.

Still desiring a more transportable method I began searching on the web for a tablet making machine. That’s when I found I quickly learned making tablets should be left up to experts. I tried it, and failed. The one thing I did notice was that ¼ teaspoon of Mucuna became a very large tablet, similar size to B1. It made me wonder how they make the Sinement tablet so small. Anyway on to the next.

Next I found and purchased “the capsule making machine” and wow that’s easy, and works well. I purchased it from “the vitamin shoppe” Using “00” capsules holds about ¼ teaspoon of Mucuna and is very transportable. I’m now working on a mixture for a combined green tea and mucuna with color coded capsules.

As the weeks have passed I’ve found I like the ice cubes and capsules to be the best. Ice cubes are so small they’re about 1/8 teaspoon of Mucuna and Capsules are ¼ teaspoon which works great for me as I don’t seem to need much Mucuna early in the day. I take two or three doses daily, getting 4-5 hours per dose.

So why not just take Sinemet.

I continue to get better and better, I mean a lot better than several years ago. Having symptoms since 2015 which began with wrist flapping upon waking and vivid acting out dreams that started in 2013. Things started off rather poorly for me with a fairly rapid decline, a dramatic loss of balance, and inability to move properly. I’ve changed all that though, and the changes began with B1 in 2018, Joe Dispenza meditation in 2019. 2020 included a diet change, whole house water filtration system removing fluoride. I’ve completely restored my balance 100%, rise from a chair with ease, roll over and turn in bed. No more heavy dragging log leg, I stopped using my Dragon headset a year ago, I type everything and write again. I go grocery shopping and COVID resulted in great department store sales, I enjoyed empty malls. I cook a lot. I love working, I own the company. My mind is clear, and I can handle complex issues well, all at 58 yrs old. On 8/20/2020 the hand flapping symptom I’ve had since 2015 ceased. My tremor is mild when I have it, my gait is normal most of the day. As my husband say’s “another year and you’ll be symptom free”. Well wouldn’t that be nice.

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Wow! Very very happy for you. Thanks for sharing the hope.

never believe you are getting worse or progressing, if you have a bad day know that the good days will come next, and they always do.

Wow, what a remarkable story. Something clicked for you.

Cons10s in reply to KERRINGTON

yes, my high heels are clicken a couple times a week. funny

platforms do qualify as heels, right?

Great post

I’m glad you’re making progress and having fun. And that you’re doing so well is very encouraging. I’ve done a little work with Joe Dispenza and you have definitely moved me to go deeper. BTW I’ve been experimenting with Mucuna + enzyme inhibitors for couple years and I am now using 30ml grapefruit juice 20-30 minutes prior to MP dose. This works well, particularly at night when green tea would interfere with my sleep cycle. Keep up the good work- JG

Cons10s in reply to reedboat2

Hopefully the link will work and take you to "connie's testimonial" at the Joe Dispenza event. His work has helped me tremendously. You can type "connie's testimonial" into google.

I'm wondering how much green tea or grapefruit juice is actually necessary. I've noticed that my ice cubes with only 2 drops of diluted green tea are highly effective as were my Jello shots. Maybe I'll make my ice cubes with grapefruit juice to see if there's a noticeable difference, although you say timing is important. I'm trying to move away from the constraints.

Is that you in the YouTube video? Wow wow excellent congratulations

Yep me, but now 20lbs lighter.

That is wonderful!! Did you say you had right side tremor? I see you doing hand gestures in that YouTube video like you’re symptom free (your husband is right).

Most of my PD symptoms have been movement related. I still have an intermittent tremor though mild. Early on I had a more pronounced tremor in my leg and arm, and cogwheel movements in my arm and leg on one side. Cogwheel gone.

If I try to go all day without Mucuna I just get worn out from the energy grind from mild symptoms. I require a nap. When I have Mucuna I’m a powerhouse accomplishing much throughout a long day. That’s much improved from several years ago.

Stevenmast in reply to reedboat2

I need to try this I remember reading wrigas papers on the subject. Any particular brand of grapefruit juice you recommend?

Cons10s in reply to Stevenmast

I would only use fresh squeezed to avoid added sugar.

reedboat2 in reply to Stevenmast

Uncle Matt’s Organic is a good product. Kinda pricey but 30ml is a small amount. Whole Foods carries the “Simply” brand, which while not organic is non-GMO and no additives. So next best thing, and half the price. Here’s a tip. If you’re using small amounts like I do, freeze 1/2 of the liter and leave 1/2 in the refrigerator. GJ doesn’t store very long in the fridge. Good luck and hope this helps - JG

Stevenmast in reply to reedboat2

I tried it today on my second dose and got a solid 4-Hours of relief! I suspect there's an accumulative Factor I look forward to trying it for a while and comparing to the green tea and coffee I've been using.. thanks for the tip I wouldn't have thought of freezing it I bought a couple of bottles today. Thanks again!

reedboat2 in reply to Stevenmast

You can experiment with dosage. GJ has lotta nutritional benefits including Flavanones. I mix GJ with Kombucha and add B1 powder. Here’s a link you might find helpful. Enjoy- JG

Holy smokes! So, do you still take the B1? What brand name of Mucuna do you use? I use Zandopa powder and am still experimenting with doses. I believe I am currently over-dosing, at least from the symptom descriptions I've read. I use roughly a tablespoon and a half 3X per day.

But yes. That gritty sediment in that final gulp is close to being unpalatable. I mix in some Velvet Cocoa Greens from Dr. Whitaker to mask the bitter taste.

Cons10s in reply to mgregor6

I'm using what Stevenmast suggested, from Nutrivitashop. i use 1/8 teaspoon in the mornings and a 1/4 teaspoon in the afternoons.

Somic67 in reply to Cons10s

NUMBERS CORRECTED TO 1,8 gr (from 3,0)

that is very minimal amount of levodopa (approx 1,8 gr per day of powder) from mucuna as it should be for long lasting benefits and recovery (if any).

this is the big mistake of common L/C meds: it is way too much medication than necessary.

may i ask you how much levodopa in % is in your mucuna? and how much match green tea do you add? how much more does a dose last taken with matcha tea?

many thanks in advance

ChrisWF in reply to Somic67

Its 99% ldopa.

Few mucuna users, at least the ones on this forum, are ingesting less levodopa than CL users.

Somic67 in reply to ChrisWF

NUMBERS CORRECTED TO 1,8 gr (from 3,0)

the good side of mucuna pruriens is not in the superior levodopa quality but in all the others nutrients (anti-oxidants, neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory, etc) compounded which are lost (1% is meaningless) with artificial 99% LD.

I use a mucuna powder with 15% pharmaceutical grade of levodopa mixed with L/C meds to avoid to have to take too much powder and still have a good quantity of the other nutrients (85%).

Therefore i've to change a bit my previous sentence: 1,8 gr of mucuna at 99% of levodopa is practically 1,8 gr of pure levodopa. This alone without carbidopa means approx 1/20 of levodopa reaching the brain (based on my experience with AAT protocol) that is like 93mg of L/C in two shots (lets say 60mg and 30mg). It is an entry level therapy.


Cons10s in reply to Somic67

Somic, So are you saying my Mucuna dose is way below a Siniment tablet in comparison? I realize the NutriVitaShop product is strong and likely stripped of the other beneficial compounds but I’ve added 4-9% whole plant Mucuna powder to my smoothies in the past and will be again soon, so It’s possible to do both.

Somic67 in reply to Cons10s

I've checked my spoon vs gr tables and found a mistake (mine). Redoing the calculations...

if you take 1/8 + 1/4 teaspoon (approx 3/8 x 5 gr = 1,8 gr) of mucuna with 99% of levodopa. In my personal experience pure LD it is like taking 1/20 of L/C therefore your 1,8 gr are equivalent to 93 mg/day that is very low amount considering that 1 Sinemet tablet is 100+25 mg of L/C

Juliegrace in reply to ChrisWF

A few years ago I tried the 100% l-dopa Nutrivita product. I bought a jeweler’s scale to measure weight and 1/32 (of a calibrated) tsp weighed 100mg. 1/8 and 1/4 tsp are fairly high doses, depending on how much actually gets through. I didn’t continue taking the MP due to the inconvenience and also because I experienced dyskinesia at low doses the same way I do with c/l.

ChrisWF in reply to Juliegrace

I think your experience is common, just not particularly frequently publicised on the forum.

Cons10s in reply to Juliegrace

Juliegrace Thanks for your measurement input. When you receive a package from NutriVitaShop the recommended dose is 1/8 spoon. This works for me in the mornings but I find my afternoon or evening dose 1/4 teaspoon is better. Just depends on how long and how busy my day is going to be.

Juliegrace in reply to Cons10s

I find that recommendation a bit disturbing as they don’t know who is using the product and I can’t imagine how it might affect non PWP.

ChrisWF in reply to Juliegrace

That you can buy it at all is a little bit disturbing. I mean, you need a prescription for CL but you can buy this stuff by the kg.

Someone recently commented that their Neuro was surprised that this was so readily available.

Cons10s in reply to Cons10s

I just re-read the recommended dosage and it say's take 500mg per serving or 1/8 of a scoop. they include a scooper. its not recommended to exceed 1000mg daily. it also says 100% L-dopa USP FCC grade.

Cons10s in reply to Cons10s

i just re-read the recommended dosage and it say's take 500mg per serving or 1/8 of a scoop. they include a scooper. its not recommended to exceed 1000mg daily. it also says 100% L-dopa USP FCC grade.

Somic67 in reply to Juliegrace

my idea on dyskinesia (and dystonia) is that it is due to lack of dopamine antagonist that take part to the movement feedback and control (mainly the chain tryptophan - 5HTP - serotonine, the de-excitatory neuro-transmitters).

This depletion of amino-acids and derivatives is due to the levodopa that compete in the intestine for absorption and since L/C meds are taken prior than everything else possibly with empty stomach in pure and concentrated tablets, they often saturate the intake channels and, with quantity and duration, slowly create day by day a shortage and the movement is less inhibited and the fine control is lost.

In my understanding the nutrients in the Amino Acid Therapy (AAT) replete this shortage in the brain eliminating, when successful, the unbalance and improving the movement control and sleep.

Since amino-acids derivatives are very sensible to each other and carbidopa increases the quantity of them (LD but also 5HTP) crossing the BBB, it increases the interferences between the elements and L/C therapy is not compatible with AAT.

Based on this i've decided to try to increase my protein intake (especially liver and eggs) and increase the supplementation of choline (thank you to @Rhyothemis for the suggestion) and alpha-latto-albumina, a big source of tryptophan and see what happens.

Good luck to myself :D ;)

(if i keep smiling i can get some benefits from the placebo effect of the experiment... :D :D :D )

Congrats on your great success

I think I missed the hearts in my inbox LOL I'm so happy to hear it's working for you I hate green tea as well! I only use 3 loose blue scoops for a 32 ounce mason jar last me like 4 days. My first dose I take in coffee and is usually my best. Lately I've been mixing my coffee with oat nut milk the one that has very little protein I believe it's the Oatley brand. By the way you sound like a mad scientist over there! Keep me posted on any concoctions you come up with I could use a change. I think you're ready for Mount Everest! Steven

Cons10s in reply to Stevenmast

Hi Stevenmast, you really inspired me. Then the entrepreneur in me got revved up looking for solutions. I swear the ice cubes are awesome with a warm glass of water. And the capsules are super easy to make, but I'm still trying to determine if the capsules are as effective and the Jello and ice cubes. They say it has to get to your small intestines for better absorption, but I'm questioning that now.

I used to love Oat milk but the sugar content is very high compared to Almond milk, so having just lost 20lbs i have to refrain.

By the way I'm a Division 9 interior finish contractor with 30 employees. I should private message you and give you our website, since we are in the same industry. I've never made an announcement in the company of my condition, and happy I didn't.

Stevenmast in reply to Cons10s

Where are you licensed to work?

Cons10s in reply to Stevenmast

California, We're in the SF Bay Area.

God bless Steven, great work my brother, this is all we could hope for to be able to help those going through similar situation. 💕🙏

Yes you are right Ernie! I'm helping as many people as I can. With work I miss a few posts here and there please forgive me.

Thanks for a very thought provoking post Were you ever on Sinemet? Do you definitely think the mucuna powder is better than Barlows and it is worth it to make your own capsules? Any stomach upsets from the mucuna?

Cons10s in reply to ladya2020

I have never been on pharmaceuticals for my PD. I definitely think the NutriVitaShop product is more effective and consistent by a long shot. Having said that, both the Jello and ice cube mixture seem to be without fail. Takes 30 minutes and i get a solid 4-5 hours. I'm noticing what i think is less reliability with the capsules. I'm not totally sure yet because the capsules were the last addition to the mix so i need more time to be sure. I bought both Gelatan and Vegan capsules. I've read the best absorption takes place in the small intestines, but that's not what I seem to be experiencing. maybe the Jello and ice cube spend more time in my mouth.

No stomach issues, if anything my digestive system is improved.

Thank you for sharing your amazing recovery - it's so encouraging and inspiring! Love your ice cubes and capsules ideas - I have a couple of capsule making devices which I used to encapsulate magnesium mixtures and some other supplements, now will have to try it with Mucuna+green tea when I run out of Tattva's mucuna which I am taking now.

I am also concerned about my water quality. We used to have reverse osmosis system for drinking water but since moving to a new house 2 years ago, now we don't have as much space under the kitchen sink as we used to which is necessary to accommodate the bulky RO system, so I've been using just a regular activated charcoal filter with water quality question always in the back of my mind. Could you please share the name of your water system?

Cons10s in reply to faridaro

I installed Life Source water systems. I did whole house which was about 6 grand. Someday I'll go back and get a second MRI to see if the calcification is gone. Fluoride can calcify the brain, I've read. This showed up near my brain stem in an MRI, i can't remember the location term exactly. Neuro said it was aging.

Let the ice cube slightly soften in your mouth and wash it down with warm water, BINGO

Glad you are doing well. Do you take any medication?

Cons10s in reply to Smittybear7

no meds.

Hi Cons10s, which B1 do you use?


That's wonderful!

Great stuff Connie 👍😊

Brilliant and very inspiring! ❤

I really enjoyed your post! I take a tbsp of Mucuna in a smoothie (along with a bunch of other supplements). I am impressed that you are able to get by with so much less and have such great results! Yes!!!! 😁

Cons10s in reply to justhavefun2

Yes, today is another excellent day. I woke up and had a capsule at 8am, a ice cube at noon then off to the office, and a Jello at 4pm, now I’m at the hair salon. That will do it for the day.

I’m thinking you’re using a different brand as a tablespoon of Nutrivita would be way to much as a single dose.

Despe in reply to Cons10s

You are amazing! Your determination and hard work have paid off huge dividends. Wish my husband had it. He bought capsules and the machine, made a few MP capsules, but gave it up shortly after we purchased them. He is now on a combination of 1/2 t Sinemet with 2 MP capsules. Guess it works OK.

Can’t get enough of this post. Sky is the limit.

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