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Breathing problems in Parkinson’s disease: a common problem, rarely diagnosed


Im 52 and down to 48% vital lung capacity due to PD.

IBreathing problems in Parkinson’s disease: a common problem, rarely diagnosed

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer’s disease.

Although James Parkinson, in 1817, described breathing abnormalities in his “Essay on the shaking palsy”, there has been limited research on this important non-motor symptom.

cheers i hope this helps someone.

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Try the diaphragm release techniques at the bottom of this post

beehive23 in reply to LAJ12345

i will give that a try thank-you. my diaphragms are quite rigid/paralyzed but ill try anything. cheers!

Thank you for the information, beehive🙏 I am intrigued. I do get the breathing dyskinesia when overdosed. Never knew about this aspect.

May God be with you always.

beehive23 in reply to pdpatient

you are welcome!

lenamm in reply to pdpatient

I got horrible respiratory dyskinesia from agonists, I still get a little from C/L but just biphasic. I think for many the dyskinesia is a cause of breathing issues. I had never heard it talked about until I explained to my MDS that I felt like my diaphragm was spasming. I will never try an agonist again!

beehive23 in reply to lenamm

it can be very brutal i started pd at 33 and by 52 im sucking air through a coffee straw. Be strong...........

You might want to check your medications. Go to Drugs.Com, search the medication and then look at the side effects. We have been helping a neighbor, who, when he cut out one medication, he no longer had problems breathing.

i appreciate that advice. i have 2 pulmonologists and we hve been tracking the progressive loss in FEV1........vital lung capacity is entirely sinemet interstitial scarring nothing crazy just.......paralysis. agitans. i play pd alchemy all the time a bit o this a bit o that ......whack a mole......cheers!

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