Going at the pace of PD.... how to explain to none PWP's

I can barely move today. Not because I have sore muscles from running, just because it is a PD day and the meds and my body can't synch up. I also most likely over did it Wed & Thurs.

Today the world will have to move at PD pace. Try it - you might like it. Imagine this, you are watching TV via DVR, you press pause, then let everything move in slow motion. Trouble is everything is moving at real time. Just like when watching DVR TV you are watching a program and the time on the program your watching is 9:30am but when you look at a clock it says 11:30am.

So I have to go with it. You can't fight it. It is funny in a disturbing sort of way.

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  • "i over did it" Geez does that ring a bell! I completely understand. And you're right you can't fight it, just go with it and let your body recoup. Remember when we physically overdo it we take twice as long to recover--and don't even get me started on the effects of physical fatigue.

    Hang in there.


  • looking for "Like" button!

  • me too

  • Me too

  • Amen, to "I over did it". I feel like my life at times is in slo-mo!

    Aussie, you take care!


  • Wow, you've pressed just the right button!!! It's not possible to explain exactly how it feels to a non-PwP but this is the best description I've seen so far- 'going at the pace of PD'. THANKS.

  • Thank you for your perspective! Great way of looking at this!

    Does anyone ever feel that when the weather changes dramatically, the parkinson's gets a little more amped up? I've mentioned this to my neurologist and he doesnt think the weather has any effect on pd, but my experience is that I have difficulty moving and syncing on days when a strong cold front has moved through. Anyone else??

  • I live in southern Arizona which is relatively stable. The elevation is 5000ft so it does not get too hot or cold. However, we do get barometric pressure changes that I feel effects me... lows to highs and highs to lows. The greater the changes the greater the fatigue.

  • True. I am in Hampton, VA and we are often experience drastic weather changes. Yesterday was 82 degrees; today is 44 with 40 mph winds. I feel more stiffness than I do fatigue.

  • Me too. Weather has a big impact on my symptoms.

  • How true!

  • I have always been a slow -mo kinda girl...but the pace I move since I found out I had PD is ridiculas....some days are great, some are good but most are BAD!!! I try to exercise by walking and gardening (with my son's help).....the gardening is soothing and relaxing but still move like a snail!

  • Some days the body feels like it could climb a mountain or walk a marathon (not that I do it - but I FEEL like it!) - other days it takes FOREVER to get moving with the simplest tasks - and, yes, from warm to cold definitely brings on greater stiffness to every movement it seems ...

  • Don't try a marathon but seize the moment when it hits you ..... I hate the mornings the most after having my right DBS electrode removed due to infection I am back to the "old days" where early is 10am. I need two doses of meds to reach anywhere close to normal pace. So on those afternoons when I don't slow down... Behold the wonders of exercise. Cheers

  • What I do not understand is at 39 when we say "overdid it" is it actually the effects of Parkinson's we feel or is it our medication side effects? I am struggling to determine what is going on with me is PD I am feeling or med side effects? Some days I am walking on air. Somedays I have no energy so brushing my teeth, getting dressed is all done in slow motion. I feel like I have done some major exercise but in fact I have done nothing of the sort. I also have a heavy body feeling like I am dragging a sack of potatoes around with me (I am Irish potato comes into everything). Its frustrating we are told to exercise but you cannot plan a weekly slot as mostly the body is not up to it at that particular time. I find I engage in very little planned exercise and when I feel energetic I have a dance at home or exercise to youtube or get a lot of jobs done which means rushing around, walking movement. I guess its up to ourselves to take charge. I am currently experimenting with very basic Capoeira moves fusioned together with a slow yoga flow. There is also something I have discovered to let off "steam" which I fancy doing. I will post it separately for comment.

  • i feel so slow.

  • google: "spoon theory" anyone with major physical disability are spooners.

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