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Swallowing issues

Recently I have developed new swallowing issues. For over a year i had occasional difficulty if I ate or drank too much or too fast. I would choke a little or cough.

In the last several weeks I have had a sense of a lump in my throat. It comes and goes but seems to be progressing. It does not interfere much with swallowing. It might be lessened by c-l dopa.... but I'm not sure.

Any advice or comments?

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i have psp and swalllowign /hnro tmuscles are a real problem

i use THICK AND EASY ot a syrupy consistency at the moment - u need to see a speech therapist if u r in the UK tp get this on a scrip

otherwise umahy have to buy it

i t helps iwth the choking but i still do have problems iwth HEARTburn and can choke at 4 am or later in teh day

if stressed

does ttis help?

;love jill :-)


Thanks.... I'l check with a speech therapist


R, My speech therapist is having me do a swallow soon as she can get Sherman to write the order for it...



I have problems swallowing when I eat too fast or take to big of bites and it is usually meat. Twice I have had to go to the ER and have the Dr remove the blockage Eat slower is what I was told and chew your food Just like Mom used to say


Yes, I have the exact same experience. I got some exercises from a speech therapist. THey are for the lips, and tongue which are all invovled in some way with swallowing. FInd a speech therapist and they willo be able to direct you.


A Swallow Study would be the best option along with speech therapist as my husband has the same problems. also problem chewing as the muscles in his mouth area are all affected by the PD. He tries to eat a soft mechanical consitency diet as well. Good Luck...


I have started to have chocking problems so I asked my neurologist if she had any suggestions. She told me to go to this web site. It has a lot more info than just swallowing exercises. I haven't started to do the exercises but I will watch the video & get started. Here's the site:


I look forward to a comment because I'm experiencing something similar. In the past until PD was d x it was put down to my anxiety and stress


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