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Mannitol negative side effects


We started my mum on mannitol, she has taken no more than 2 tsp per day but we are finding that her symptoms appear exacerbated after taking it. It made her left arm that she struggled with unusable and extremely painful but after some massage and scanar it seemed to release and has consequently felt better. She has taken a few days break and re-tried a couple of times all with worsening of various symptoms (dizziness, speech) even with only half a teaspoon.

What are others experiences, thoughts? Do you need to get worse to get better? Note regular parkinson's meds have had no effect.


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Has your mum had DAT scan?


Some people have reported improvements but all mannitol ever did for me was to give me gas.

I can’t imagine it would really make her symptoms worse. Maybe start with half a tsp a day then build up.

I believe it helped my mental clarity, but I have given it up recently I was tired of dealing with the wind side effect!

I stopped taking Mannitol after six months because didn’t see benefits (my sense of smell is intact) but mostly because of this comment on HU:

"My husband has had a faeces test which showed an overgrowth of corynebacterium amylatum which is often found in PD".

It grows in mannitol.

I checked corynebacterium amylatum on Wikipedia:

C. amycolatum has been shown to cause pneumonia, peritonitis, empyema, infectious endocarditis, and fatal sepsis, most of which occur as nosocomial infections. As an opportunistic pathogen, the bacterium is pathogenic in immunocompromised patients, mostly infecting those with underlying heart defects or intravascular devices. Corynebacterium endocarditis usually infects the left side of the heart in males, though C. amycolatum has shown a predilection for WOMEN.

Thank you for your comment. I will look into this.

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