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Study: Deep brain stimulation may slow Parkinson's disease


OK, here is a reason to get DBS without waiting until meds don't work.

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Have been looking at MRI guided ultrasound treatment, in lieu of DBS, no invasive surgery, anybody had this treatment?

NRyan in reply to jambar

Lena McCullough has.....I think she is in this group? That is the route I will choose if the time comes. I personally don't believe for one second DBS slows PD. My friend had DBS about two years ago and is not doing well at all physically.

pvw2 in reply to NRyan

It didn't seem to slow down my brothers PD, but he was at the advanced stages of PD with medicine options running out when he had DBS. It allowed him to do better with less meds but PD continued to advance. Maybe it slowed down PD slightly.

I'm in the very early stages with PD advancing very slowly, so I'm hoping there will be better options later because both of these options only treat the symptoms. DPS is invasive and focused ultrasound destroys brain cell, so neither option is ideal, but maybe the best options for some right now.

I get an immediate improvement with exercise, and notice the difference on days when something prevents me from exercising.

MyGolf in reply to NRyan

How advance was/is her PD

NRyan in reply to MyGolf

midway, I'd say.

ChrisWF in reply to NRyan

This is a flawed basis on which to draw that conclusion. You have no idea how fast your friend's PD was going to progress absent the DBS.

It's why clinical trials have more than one person enrolled. You need a number of people before you can start drawing inferences.

NRyan in reply to ChrisWF

well....I know what he was like before DBS and I know what he is like after. Drastic change for the worse. I never claimed to be a clinical trial. This is one experience that did not go well.

ChrisWF in reply to NRyan

Presumably he has had the DBS removed then.

GioCas in reply to ChrisWF

Cris all this dbs interest because your pd stage requires it or something else?

in my opinion the FUS will completely replace the dbs, in Europe all the public health sectors are equipping themselves with FUS machinery.

MyGolf in reply to GioCas

What is FUS

GioCas in reply to MyGolf

pdkid in reply to jambar

mbanderson has too!

bassofspades in reply to jambar

I've been in touch with a group in Florida that does the ultrasound. So far we're going back and forth with questions and answers . I'm not sure if I am a good candidate, i might just not be sick enough to justify the procedure.

Just had a conversation with my neurologist/ movement specialist about considering DBS. She shared that new hardware and internal planted components associated with DBS are now much more advanced and more reliable than ever and the procedure is much less problematic for the patient than just a couple of years ago. Now with this new suggested finding it may be very much worth considering. I was officially diagnosed April of 2016. Not being able to do Rock Steady boxing since the pandemic has definitely increased frequency and severity of tremors, even though I’m trying to work out at home. Planning now that in next 6 months I may be a candidate for the latest DBS procedure. Praying, as I hope many of you are, for more such advancements in all phases of treatments.

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