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a postcard from Italy


Sometimes someone smiles at you and you don't notice, but benevolence and love is your pay for living in helping others, take a break and collect your pay.

PS today I looked out on the balcony and my garden smiled at me.

Best wishes from Italy.

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Hello to you GioCas from Aussie Land. I love to smile at people. It gives so much pleasure both ways.

I kept wanting to take a virtual tour of your garden, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


(a mad gardener)

Thank you Gio, I see that smile 😃 in your garden. It’s bellísimo

Grazie caro Gio Io sono felice con tue parole


Ponty del Messico

No where are you closer to God than in a garden

Lifted my spirits this morning seeing your beautiful garden. Brought a smile to my face 🙂

Beautiful, thank you. Love the light from your balcony, such wonderful colours. Sending you a smile in return.

A garden like that smiles every morning! I am smiling back,!! God has blessed you.

Amazing Garden Gio! Lovely

You have a lovely garden Gio, thank you for letting us see its gentle smile too.


I needed that. Thanks!

The sun on HU never sets.

I thank you dear friend and colleague, I know I can count on your help.

I trust you as you trust me.

From Aussie Land, to New Zealand through Asia to Europe and the United Kingdom and then to Mexico and the great United States the solidarity and help among the posters of HU Parkinson movement never sets just like the sun, and it is beautiful.

Thanks to each one of you and thanks also to the HU administrators.


You sure know how to make our days, Gio. :) Simply, gorgeous garden!!

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