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Another Interesting Gut Micobiome Story


Carlin spent the next seven years reading everything she could find on Parkinson’s. A consultant skilled at identifying breakpoints in businesses, Carlin concluded that the disease is “a systems problem,” she says, a collapse of the body’s ecosystem. Much of what she had learned implicated the gut, including the finding that constipation is one of the earliest symptoms of Parkinson’s, often emerging 10 years or more before a diagnosis. In late 2014, Carlin read a study that identified a specific imbalance in the composition of Parkinson’s patients’ gut microbiomes, suggesting that changes in the gut microbiota could be an important biomarker for the disease. “That is it,” she remembers thinking. “The gut is the general ledger of the body."

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Ted Talk By Martha Carlin regarding the gut microbiome and Parkinson's disease.

PixelPaul in reply to jimcaster

Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

Yes Jim,

I think this link between gut and brain is well accepted by many scientists now. Certainly I have been reading and hearing about it for a number of years. Wonder if there is a paper on her model. Looks interesting.

It's not absolute. Husband never had constipation and still doesn't (at least so far).

NRyan in reply to Despe

I don't either. I have no history at all of gastrointestinal issues.

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