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After trying most of SLEEPING PILLS


I am suffering from insomnia. Tried 3 neuro doctors . They all suggest medications that help you at the beginning . The problem that the side effect is worst than than the small benefit you get. Each time I stop using it, among these medication : Gabapentin, Lunesta , Mirtazapine etc.....,

If someone had any success with some natural way . Please help and share your experience.Thank you very much.

Stay safe

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Had very bad sleep problems some nights insomnia till morning. I took Art’s suggestion. 3 melatonin. 7, 9 and 10 pm. 3mg each. Didn’t help at first but stayed with it. Helps 90% of time so far (bout a month-6 weeks). Occasionally take 1/2 of mildest dose Clonzapam but not very often. The melatonin seems to do the trick. Take it every eve.

Hi, I was prescribed mirtazapine before,it worked for a while getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep,but now does not work anymore like before,so I added 2.5mg melatoniin at an hour interval before and I am back to getting 5 to 6 hrs ,sometimes I had to wake up in between to go to the bathroom. Beware of fatigue and drowsiness sometimes when you wake up in the morning .

I admit to using mirtazapine 7.5mg (it's also for anxiety/depression) but melatonin 9mg and Mg Calm powder also really help. On the three I usually get 8-10 hours of sleep a night.

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What is “Calm” powder

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It's a name of a Mg product

Love sugar and anything sweet!! lol For the last month I have deleted the sweet stuff from my diet. And, to further lose about 10 lbs I have also stopped eating (snacking) after dinner. So far I am very surprised how much easier and quickly I have been able to fall asleep. Still get up a couple of times a night but able to get back to sleep within a few minutes. Has enabled me to get 5-6 hours sleep/night. Also, walk/run treadmill 4-5 miles most days which helps as well.

Sugar always keeps me awake! Bright light first thing in the morning, plenty of exercise helps.

My husband was on mirtazapine but I have weaned him off very slowly and he now only takes a tiny fraction of his initial dose and it helps him sleep. Don’t go off it fast as it can really knock you about. Read the stories on line. I had it compounded by a pharmacist to 1/10 the dose and weigh out the powder in the diluted capsules with a jewellers scales so the amount I reduce each week is small. He now takes 1/12 of the diluted capsule a day and it is enough for him.

L tryptophan 500mg at night. Useful for me. Works slowly benefits over period of weeks. If I forget for several days I notice a difference. In uk can buy over counter. Discuss with your doctor. Don't know how useful it is in general. Believe it should not be combined with some meds. Dr Berg on tube recommends and takes it himself you can check him out on sleep supplements and insomnia.

Valerian root (kalms night)

My husband takes dropper of 3000mg CBD oil just before bedtime! Helps somewhat, still gets up to use bathroom.

5 mg melatonin 30 minutes before bedtime, then avoid any distractions. If I wake up during the night will take another 5mg.

Skipping refined sugar also helps as it gives me heartburn that contributes to insomnia.

I recently added 5 mg melatonin at breakfast and my whole body clock seems more in tune to natural rhythms of sleep.

I take 6mg Melatonin, 15 mg Remeron (Mirtazapine) and a cup of Tulsi Sleep Tea (holy basil) and it works great.

I take 5 mg melatonin and Gaba plus use Clary sage and cedarwood oils on the belly. I also take magnesium and b vits during the day. I was waking up 2 hours after bed and not being able to go back to sleep. Thinking it might be low blood sugar I now eat something carb 2 hours before bed, that's been helping for the last 2 weeks.

In addition to melatonin, get some sunlight on your skin and exercise during the day. Don't eat after dinner and avoid blue light from TV's, computers and smart phones for a few hours before bedtime.

most people have already said what you need to know and my two cents is that consider high dose of vitamin b1 that is thiamine. LOOK U PP HDT ON THIS FORUM.

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Sor sorry for the typo from shaking hands, look up HDT

THC in oil form works for me at night - sleeping right thrugh

I use CBD oil and then vape some pot. I sleep really well.


Quetiapine fumarate...pd approved, been uing it for 15 yrs. works every time.

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