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Salute Doctor COSTANTINI


Salute Doctor COSTANTINI. The news from Italy is cause to make a request. Please write a brief, no more than three sentences, thank you to the dear doctor for what his B1 therapy has meant to you. I will combine in one document and direct it to him.

Today the communication from Italy included this sad statement:

“He was genius with the HDT therapy yet has received no recognition nor the opportunity to live a long and happy life.”

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Thank you Dr Constantini. You gave my husband hope. God bless you always. 💜 Louise Scarpa

Thank you Your Therapy has made such a difference to my life

Thank you Dr Costantini for being a true human being.



Caro dottor Costantini,

Questo è il tuo amico, Art at the HU forum! Dire che ci sei mancato molto sarebbe un enorme eufemismo! Hai portato così tanto cambiamento in meglio a così tante vite in tutto il mondo!

Ringraziarti non è abbastanza, ma è quello che ti stiamo dicendo!! Mi mancano le nostre piccole conversazioni che facevamo e mi manca potervi scrivere in qualsiasi momento! Ti penso regolarmente e continuerò a farlo!

Antonio, nella possibilità che tu veda questo post, avevo mandato a Marco alcune informazioni sulla melatonina in relazione a Covid-19 e sul recupero dell'ictus e per quanto sia impegnato, non sono sicura che ti abbia dato queste informazioni, quindi te le accenno qui perché credo che possano potenzialmente cambiare le cose per te e la tua famiglia! Ecco un link a ciò che può fare:

Your friend,



Dear Dr. Costantini,

This is your friend, Art at the HU forum! To say you have been greatly missed would be a huge understatement! You have brought so much change for the better to so many lives around the world!

Thank you is not enough, but that is what we are saying to you!!! I miss our little conversations that we used to have and I miss being able to write to you anytime! I think of you regularly and will continue to do so!

Antonio, on the chance that you do see this post, I had sent Marco some information on melatonin as pertains to Covid-19 as well as stroke recovery and as busy as he is, I am not sure if he got that information to you, so I am mentioning it here for you to see directly because I believe it can potentially turn things around for you and your family!


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Hi, I was looking for some posts on taking B1 do u have any information on where I would find that. Thanks

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Parkinson’s thiamine hcl

Parkinson’s relief web page

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Here is a link on this forum to info on B-1 that is fairly comprehensive and should answer most questions you may have.


Thank you Dr Costantini. You have improved the quality of life for so many people. Your caring and dedication will not be forgotten.

Dear Dr.Constentini,

Your thiamine hcl therapy has made a tremendous difference in lives of those that have Parkinson's. It is the only thing that helped me. I am so grateful to you and your care. Thank you. You are in my heart. Mary

Dr. C, your generous attention and professional advice for me at an early (and frightening) stage of PD in 2017 has sustained me and will continue to impact all that I am in contact with. Your efforts will continue through this legacy and we shall remain grateful. Amy L.

Thank you, Dr Costantini, for helping my husband feel well and enjoy a better quality of life, thanks to your tireless research on High Dose Thiamine.

We share your wisdom with any Dr’s and other PWP who will listen!

We are forever in your debt. Sending prayers and well wishes!

Indeed Dr. Costantini is a noble genius with HDT. My Parkinson’s symptoms (dyskinesia, bradykinesia, freezing, rigidity depression, cramping, etc.) have all disappeared due to the use of HDT for nearly 2 years, except for right arm tremor. Thank you Dr. Costantini you’re the true definition of a heaven sent caring medical scholar.

Sincerely Ernesto


Thank Roy for keeping informed on Dr.C and for all the work you’ve put into sharing HDT with us.

@Royprop thank you

Ernie Diaz, what is your B-1 thiamin dosage? Thanks,Tom

Hi Tom, my B1 dosage was 4 grams for about 20 months and for about the past 4 months I’ve been flirting between 2 and 4 grams a day and so far so good. I occasionally take a day or two off. The advise Dr. C gives is to start high (4g) if possible and the cut down if you need to. I did well on 4 grams I think because I’m 6’2” and 200lbs. I cut down on my own because I feel my body is responding well to that dose so why take more if the body will just get rid of what it doesn’t use. But Dr. C once told me that once you’re on B1 for over a period of time you could stop for a period of time and you will not loose the positive results as long as you get back on of course. Anyway I wish you the best and don’t hesitate to ask anything, very willing to share experience.

Ernie, thanks. I worked up to 3.5 grams but am hovering around a dimished 5-6 mg/day and increasing. I also take RYTARY (slow release C/L) 4x day and occasional Mucuna priuiens. And 3.5 mg of LDN (LOW DOSE NALTREXONE) and one 30mg capsule of Bacillus Subtilis in am. Plus B-12, Vit C, D-3 and others. Woking fairly well. Got PD 5 yrs ago but played Senior Hardball & Senior Olympic track till 2018 at age 77, 159 lbs. Walk most every day Live in Central California.

It’s wonderful you’re 77 and doing well, I’ll have to follow your lead 😉. I’m 51 have PD for three years diagnosed, but noticed slight tremor began in November 2014. This disease as you know has to be aggressively fought back against and I can see you’re doing that. I also take D3, Zinc, Vit C and mucuna pruriens (99% l-dopa) from nutrivita. Please stay in touch.

Dear Doctor Costantini,

Heartfelt gratitude for the profound improvement high-dose thiamine has made in my condition.


Dear Dr. Costantini,

Your wisdom, kindness, sincere caring and concern left such a deep impression on all of us and gives us a ray of hope in battle with PD. You are a special gift from God!

Thank you Doctor Costantini. Your commitment in forging a new strategy for an old and stubborn illness has made a positive difference in many people’s lives, including mine.

Dr. Costantini,

Your altruism, compassion, and empathy for your fellow men are rare in the medical field. Thanks to you and your B1 protocol, my husband told me "I am normal again," after his first B1 injection. He is still on your protocol and will be for life.

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Kudos to you Doc for all your help to improve the lives of PWPs. We are forever grateful and will continue doing what you prescribed. God bless!

Thank you, Dr C. I wish you love and peace at heart.

Thank you, Dr. Costantini! Your devotion to your patients, and believing in B-1 Therapy to help improve patient’s well beings, is unparalleled! Your research and efforts have not gone unnoticed in the medical/research community!

Thankyou Dr Constantini ..your b 1 therapy gave me hope for the future...keep well...god bless you..

Thank you Dr. C for your research and your help with my symptoms and for being kind, generous and a shining example the best sort of human. I so admire you!

How is he doing anyway? Recovering and getting better, Stable Or illness getting worse?

I hope and pray for a quick recovery and return to full strength soon...

And a BIG thank you

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Copy: "Dr Costantini’s condition got worse over the past days, he is in intensive care and with his pre-existing condition that is sadly really worrying."

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Yes, I confirm the above. I spoke to Lucia, the sister of Dr. Costantini. She informs me that he is hospitalized for 25 days in which 82 out 84 patients have contracted Covid19, he is not intubated but is breathing with the help of the respirator. Also Lucia has contracted Covid19. We hope Dr. Costantini come back to us as soon as possible.

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Prayers for healing for Dr. Constantini and his sister Lucia. Please keep us updated on his health.

Thank you Fed1000. Stay safe and stay well. 😷😷

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I'm positive he will soon be out of hospital in full health and as strong as ever

He is too young to die of anything... he is in his mid 60s , isn't he, Fed1000 ?

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Dr. Costantini is 68 years old.

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Fed, please on to his sister to have him start Ozone therapy and mega doses of Vitamin C! I am sure he will accept natural routes for his COVID-19. After all, he is the FATHER of HDT which has performed miracles for PWP.

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Thanks Despe, I will definitely report it.

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He speaks of using high dose vitamin C for covid 10-20 g.

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My heart goes out to him, I hope and pray for a quick turnaround for the better

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That is the worst news. So sad.

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Jenny, at times I wonder if God is merciful. . .

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I hear you, Tina...

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Don't doubt God, he has a reason and purpose for anything he allows,.. beyond human comprehension

Sometimes he allows good people suffer and die and evil people to thrive and prosper

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Yes, Grumpy, I agree with you. However, at times, I lose my faith!

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Remind him to take ozone. They are using it in Italian hospitals in trials with great results.

Thank you Dr. Constantini, for helping so many of us to regain hope.

Thank you Dr.Constantini for your selfless dedication in helping to improve the lives of so many others. Brian's quality of life has improved ten fold since you came into it. God Bless .

Dear Dr Constantini

Thank you from both my husband and I who will be eternally grateful for all the heartfelt research you have done in order to improve and help people with Parkinson’s. You’re a truly very special individual who have given so much hope to others. We ve never met in person but have benefitted from your help with B1 therapy. God bless you and heartfelt thanks from us both.

A rare combination of knowledge, intelligence and most of all kindness and a willingness to share. Thank you.

Graze Mille, Doc Costantini. You have given me my life back.

Thank you to an exceptionally kind and able Doctor who gives hope and relief to all he helps.

Dear Dr Costantini,

HDT has made everything better for me. It gave me energy and hope and calmed down all my symptoms.

Dedication and compassion that we have had from you make me feel that I have been in touch with a modern day saint.

God bless you!

Dear Dr. C.,

Thank you for your dedication and generosity. You have made a difference to me and so many others. Wishing you better days of recovery.


Thank you Dr. Constantini. Who would have known that something as simple as vitamin B1 hcl could make such a transformation in one’s life. You cared and understood . Thank you !

Isn't it strange that princess and kings,

and clowns that caper in sawdust rings,

and common people like you and me,

are builders for Eternity.

Each is given a shapeless mass,

a book of rules,

and a bag of tools.

And each must make,

ere life has flown,

a stumbling block or a stepping stone.

Dedicated to Denton A Cooley, MD

Thank you Doctor Constantini. I am better because of your work.

Thank you Dr. Constantini for your HDT

Contribution to the Parkinson community.

Thank you Dr Constantini for your consultation. You Improved my life.

Dear Dr Constantini,

Thank you isn't barely enough to describe the gratitude that I have for your compassion and deed of love to share your knowledge with HDT. I owe you the quality of life which has improved so much. God bless you!

This marvellous man, has given hope to, so many poeple god bless him

I am so grateful for your thiamine therapy, Dr. Constantini. Thank you for helping my husband manage his PD symptoms. You are amazing!

Dear Dr Costantini, words cannot express the gratitude we have for you! Your name will be forever written in the history books for your kindness, generosity and dedication in helping the Parkinson’s disease community throughout the world. Thank you for helping my husband and changing our lives. You are in our prayers.

Dr C

Words cannot express our greatfullness for you. Your work with B1 has been life changing for so many people . Your compassion and dedication to helping each person you possibly could is a testament to what a remarkable human being you are! We love you!

Thank you for your work which has helped so many of us. You are a compassionate and generous man. With deep gratitude.

Thank you, thank you. The world could surely use more people like you.

Dear Dr. Costantini - You are a true “healer”. Thank you for the hope your good works have given to so many. You are not, nor will you ever be forgotten! Praying for relief for you, and the best outcome possible 🙏

Thank you. Dr. C for all you have done. We are all hopeful that you will recover to good health very soon. We have learned that a friend of ours, just left the hospital after 42 days on a ventilator in ICU. She is weak, but recovering. There is hope!

My husband and I both thank you for your compassion, empathy, knowledge and dedication in helping people with Parkinson's Disease and letting them know THEY can do something to slow down the progression giving people hope. Bless You.

Dear Dr. Costantini,

Humble thanks to you for freely sharing HDT protocal - it has been the difference between comfort and despair. Please know that you have profoundly impacted the lives of many.

With respect,


Dear Dr Constantini,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You saved me from the darkness of PD. So many symptoms gone with your HDT therapy, you are an angel!

Forever grateful,


Not only because of your work but also because of the untiring care you have extended to all, as my aunt would say, you have added many jewels to your crown in heaven. Thank you.

Dear Dr. Costantini,

Thank you for your dedication and giving us hope. May God bless you.

You have helped me and so, so many PWP, there are no words to express my heartfelt gratitude. I give you my love, gratitude and admiration. God Bless You.

Hello good doctor C,

I have been on real HDT for 5 years (2 I.M. injections of 100 mg of B1 per week, plus Ldopa standard therapy and nothing else), no major deterioration for me after this time, I still work physically full time,

As an old code of the ancient knights says you have not abandoned us in our hour of need and we will be infinitely grateful.

So I know you will recover.

I have faith in you as you had in me and everything will be even more beautiful than before.

Thank you very much.


Salve, buon dottor C,

Sono stato su la vera HDT per 5 anni (2 iniezioni di I.M. di 100 mg di B1 a settimana, più la terapia standard Ldopa e nient'altro), nessun peggioramento importante per me dopo questo tempo, lavoro ancora fisicamente a tempo pieno,

Come dice un vecchio codice degli antichi cavalieri, non ci hai abbandonati nel momento del bisogno e te ne siamo infinitamente grati.

Quindi so che ti riprenderai.

Ho fiducia in te come tu l'hai avuta in me e tutto sarà ancora più bello di prima.

Grazie mille.


Thank you, I’ve been able to reduce my amino acids by 2/3rds after starting taking B1 . One dose , that’s it daily! Life is much less burdened now . Prayers are with you!

Thank you, Doctor C. I believe HDT has made a difference in my life. I wish you the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

Dear Dr. Costantini,

Sincere thanks and lots of respect from my mother and myself, for giving us hope and strength to fight PD.

Dear Dr. Costantini,

Your easy-to-do HDT, allowed me to streamline my regimen of medications with increased mobility and on-time gained as a precious result. And I always remain grateful for the email consults, which were helpful and encouraging. Adding my heartfelt "thank you" to a veritable river of benevolence flowing to you from the many you have helped.

Thank you Dr C. Your advice was priceless. Keep well

Dr Constantini's HDT is AMAZING. PD 15 YRS... It controls ALL my PD symptoms, except tremor. It enables me to walk almost normally. Thank you Dr C :}

Thank you, Dr. Costantini. It has been a privilege to know a compassionate doctor and human being like you. Please get well!🙏

Thanks dr. Constantini. I was a the point to quit my job and , worse, I had suicidal taught but HDT removed all the symptoms except RH tremor which remained mild. Because of you I got my life back. And you helped us without any financial interest.

I don't believe in miracles but you made one to happen.

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Dr Costanini, thank you for your compassionate work. You have helped so many.

Dr. Costantini, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your HDT therapy gave me my life back. Before HDT I could not walk without support, had severe tremors and was barely functioning. Now, after 15 months of HDT most of my PD symptoms are gone and I walk 4 miles several times a week and spend hours doing physical work in the garden. You will always be in my memories as the Italian doctor who saved my life. You are my hero.

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he is a saint and my hero.

Thank You for sharing the Research and guidance for the B1 Thiamine Therapy, and the pull test, with advice to record where we were when we started the Thiamine Therapy. My balance has improved so much I no longer feel a need for a cane. Grateful & praying for you and your sister's complete restoration to health. Sue

Thank you for all your hard work Dr. Constantini. You are a true PD hero!


I would like to thank Dr. Costantini for his willingness to look outside the box and to do the research he did with B1.

Dr Constantini, your help with B1 was incredibly generous and effective. B1 has improved my balance, handwriting, energy and movement. Thank you so much. Carol in Nebraska USA.

Dear Dr. Constantini. Your method is a great support for Leonid. He has received his stability back. Thank you for your kindness, disinterestedness, and unselfishness. You are the real Doctor among doctors.

Leonid and Natalya.

Thank you Dr. Constantini for your perseverance in trying to find a treatment for Parkinson's Patients. My husband has passed - with MSA Parkinsonism - but I would have tried this B1 treatment had I discovered it sooner. Praying for your continued fight with this new COVID 19 and getting back to all of us who value your knowledge and bravery for continued work on this treatment for Parkinson's.

Cheryl Lloyd

Thank you Dr. Constantini for changing my life and the lives of so many others. I will be forever grateful for your hard work and research. My prayers for your recovery.

Maureen Rizzi

Three years ago today I was diagnosed with PD. I thought my world was ending. I began B-1 therapy in March of 2018 and have not progressed. I'm sure most people would never guess that I have PD. Thank you Dr. Constanti for your generous work.

Dr Constantine

Vi rendo omaggio per

il vostro genius come

pure la vostra generosita eccezionale convididendo le vostre competenze uniche per cozi tante vittime del morbo de Parkinson’s. Sei un vero e proprio eroe di gaurigione.

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Translation of above post by etterus:

Dr Constantine

I pay tribute to you for

your genius as

as well as your exceptional generosity by sharing your unique skills for many victims of Parkinson's disease. You're a real hero of gaurie's.

thank you Dr. for t he info you have provided regarding your therapy. It has given a local Dr. I found the interest to start me on hdt therapy next week. I have the feeling you will be memorialized for years to come. Lynn Christensen

Thank you Dr Constantini. Your generosity, dedication and love to help us is precious and no words can describe.

We are forever in debt to you.

God bless you.

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