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My book, "Music as Medicine particularly in Parkinson's" is out tomorrow


When I began writing my book it was a personal search to find ways in which music could reduce my own Parkinson's symptoms and I read nearly 200 research articles in this search! In the book I cover anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, brain fog, gait problems, freezing, falls, voice and swallowing problems and more. It is a self-help book and no knowledge of or ability in music is needed. I do hope that people will find it helpful, useful and interesting. It is already on Amazon.

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Excellent! I'll buy a copy through Amazon.

Dap1948 in reply to jimcaster

I hope you find it useful.

Music has always been my lifeline. I'm looking forward to reading your book - it's already ordered.

I hope you find it interesting.

laglag in reply to Dap1948

I'll definitely buy a copy today. Music is important at Rock Steady. I'll enjoy reading your tips. I've been through all of those things except for freezing so it will be a big help I'm sure. I'll tell everyone at RSB about your book. Congratulations!

Dap1948 in reply to laglag

Many thanks.

Ordered my copy, can't wait to read it!

Dap1948 in reply to faridaro

I hope you find it interesting.

That is great, Daphne! Have it on order and look forward to reading!

We have such a wealth of talented people here!

Dap1948 in reply to park_bear

We do! And I made sure I referenced everything with a huge section of all the references at the end because I know we have some very intelligent people on this site who like to check the research.

Congratulations Dap!!!! I play guitar, fingerstyle for many years and although at times, frustrating due to the obvious, still find it highly enjoyable, therapeutic and rewarding most of the time. Will order your book today!!

Dap1948 in reply to ParlePark

Well done and keep up the guitar. It might be frustrating at times, don’t I know, but the benefits are worth it.

ParlePark in reply to Dap1948

Thanks and will do!

Congratulations. What an achievement, especially when you have Parkinson.

Dap1948 in reply to parkie13

Well thank you for saying that! I could only type for a bit then had to lay down and read research papers or just think till I’d recovered! Determination is a good characteristic to have! But having a project was great for getting me up in the morning.

parkie13 in reply to Dap1948

This apathy has been hard on me. Looks like you have it corralled. Wonderful

Just ordered..

I've already ordered a copy. As a guitarist I've had to develop a few strategies to facilitate playing and also to 'read' my own symptoms.

Just ordered your book. Thank you!

Music has been more than most things a comfort and delight in these last years of struggling with PD.

Did you look at Oliver Sacks fascinating book, 'Music and the brain'?

Dap1948 in reply to Celtis

Yes I did. I hope you find my book helpful.

Ah that’s a question! I think several things prompted my writing the book...

I wanted to write a book!

I was searching for ways music could help me! I had already studied the effect music had on brain and body when doing my MA.

I believed I had information that not everyone with PD was aware of, so it was also a desire to share information.

I did however want to base my book on available published research and only put my story at the end. I think I read nearly 200 research papers!

That is awesome. Congratulations. Quite an accomplishment. I look forward to reading on my Kindle.

Congratulations! what a great achievement.

I used to be a physiotherapist and remember music being a huge help for patients with PD.

Shameless advertising!

Dap1948 in reply to ryzlot

I’ve written the book to help people. How else am I going to let people know that it exists?

What a great accomplishment! I’m sure it’s just one off your bucket list. It’s inspiring Dap!

I ordered the book too and look forward to reading it.

Dap, What an accomplishment!! Congratulations, you are leading by example.

Husband was playing guitar and was a member of an amateur band. He loved to play and sing, especially Neil Diamond's songs. When he was first diagnosed a little over 2 years ago, he dug his guitar out, printed some music materials and started to play! Unfortunately, that didn't last long, he found excuses not to play, saying his fingers hurt. Guitar is been sitting in the corner of our TV room for a long time. I am asking him daily to please start again, but he can only promise that he will start again. Never happened so far. Such a shame not to take advantage of the talent he had (and I sure he still does), but APATHY gets in the way. . .

After this post is up, I will switch to AMAZON.COM to order your book. It must be so rewarding for you!

Dap1948 in reply to Despe

I was once asked if I suffered from apathy. I replied 'no, I can’t be bothered to'! I know I’m really lucky not to. But it’s probably not only apathy standing in the way of your husband not playing. It’s the huge physical effort of controlling fingers. It’s the frustration and disappointment of not being able to play as you used to. I write in the book about my break from playing the piano while I grieved for what I’d lost, and the difficult journey back to playing again. I hope my book helps.

Congratulations! A gift to PWP.


Ordered today and looking forward to reading your book. Helen

Not at all, I say slightly nervously!!

Well done Daph, I would really like to get a copy of it for my husband. We're in France and my husband doesn't really speak English too well. Is there a French translation out yet?

Dap1948 in reply to Vik38

Oh gosh, I’m sorry no. If you private message me with your husband's particular concerns I will explain if music can help and how to select and use music.

Thank you so much for your kind offer but I've bought the book in English for him! It'll get his neurons working trying to understand it (and I can also help translate it, too if he gets stuck! ) He's read a little this morning and has just left to get some shopping in with gloves, mask and earphones plugged into Spotify!!! Looking forward to discovering it!!!

I received your book and have started reading & it's excellent. Thank you for mentioning it. I didn't want to get out of bed for about 4 mths last year & music & RSB helped me. Now I'll understand how the music helped. Thank you again. 🤗

Dap1948 in reply to laglag

You have just made all my months of research worthwhile! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to comment. I hope you find that music continues to help you.

laglag in reply to Dap1948

I read your book & it was great! I liked how you conveyed how music is used to help PD as well as other diseases and the way different genres could help certain side effects and/or symptoms. The playlists will be useful also. You did a lot of research on the subject & it was quite helpful.

Keep well & keep fighting!

Dap1948 in reply to laglag

Glad you liked it and it was helpful.

Congratulations 🎊 will look it up & get one!

Having read the book, the biggest take away for me is confirmation that impairments can be improved by challenging them with regular exercise!

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