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Interesting thought Dr!


Hi all. I hope that this post finds you all as well as can be expected😊. I don’t write too much these days, not because I’m too bad or anything but I just don’t have as many thoughts as I used to have about the disease. I exercised, juiced, fasted, red light hatted and I still have it unfortunately! Bummer. But I thought that I’d share something that my GP said to me the other day. I was bemoaning the fact that I’d been on Omeprazole for years and that I felt that this drug had probably contributed to my PD by not allowing food to be broken down effectively for distribution. He pointed out that my blood work had always been normal in terms of vitamin and mineral levels and that this was a good indication of health. But we chatted some more: I know we PWP want answers to where it all went wrong. At what point was this crappy disease generated? Did I exercise enough? Did I eat my greens? Have I too much sugar in my diet? And of course It goes on 😊. But he said something that I’d never considered and in a way it made me feel good about myself and almost gave me a chance to rid myself of the guilt I carry around in terms of self blame: imagine the sickest person on their deathbed. Tubes all over the place, extremely weak vital signs, all sorts of data indicating that organs are close to shutting down, only just breathing, too tired to lift the bedclothes. Guess what? Yep, they’re still generating dopamine. Yet another stupid aspect of this nightmare I can add to my list that I posted recently.🤔😕

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Yeah! BTW my O/H bought a nutribullet bless her so that I get my greens straight from the freezer mixed with blueberries, nuts and seeds and all sorts of good things. Best Kevin.

jeeves......You crack me up! Have a great day!

That's actually a great point. I, like you, did every supplement, diet, exercised three hours a day, yes the red light on my head etc. In the end I needed brain surgery four years in. Believe me it was not from lack of trying. Of course making sure we don't end up with additional health issues is important .

jeeves19 in reply to lenamm

Thanks. Yes I think it’s a good point too and was surprised how little discussion it generated here 😕. Oh well.

Rats, fruit flies and worms can be cured, why cant we?

It aint fair, I tell ya.

lenamm in reply to bassofspades

Probably because they induce PD in them and since no one understands exact what causes PD they are making a certain drug induced subtype of PD that most humans don't have.

Jeeves19, I do the same thing wondering what I did or didn’t do to have this. I’ve always been a clean eater my whole life and exercised my whole life in some sort of fashion . All that being said , it didn’t stop me from getting cancer and didn’t stop me from getting parkinsons. in High school all the kids were eating burgers and milk shakes and I never did . Where did that get me? I have been very nieve in my thinking , I thought I could change what PD looks like and I am an athlete , I will figure this all out and be able to help others , but it’s taking me down in some aspects as it does with everyone. I went to a PD conference and listened to Bryan Grant ( former BBall player) say the same thing and I sat there sobbing. All we can do is live for the moment and take care of ourselves . ❤️ Karen

lenamm in reply to Kwinholt

I think so many of us start out with I'm going to total defeat PD in myself and then help others. That was put to rest when I got dyskinesia so badly I needed brain surgery 3.5 years in. Clearly doing everything right didn't get me where I thought it would. A good lesson in letting go but not the one I wanted.

jimcaster in reply to lenamm

Karen and Lena - Both of you ARE helping others in significant ways through your posts and interactions with others on this site. Karen, I know you have raised money by running and have inspired others (including me) to keep running. Lena, your success with Focused Ultrasound is the most encouraging Parkinson's related news I have ever seen. Others with PD will surely benefit from the knowledge of FUS and the incredibly successful experience you had. Keep up the great work! We are all in this together and I am particularly glad to have the two of you on my team.

Kwinholt in reply to jimcaster

Jim, Thank you so much for that . It means more then you know. ❤️ Karen

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