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Greetings all and a Belated Happy New Year!


Greetings all,

my name is Frank (some of you know me as "Professor Church"), and I am new to the Parkinson's Movement community. Having browsed several topics (e.g., Vitamin B1, Mucana pruriens, etc.), I am impressed with the incredible level of knowledge and information everyone shares. I am also very appreciative of the strong feelings of support through your notes back-and-forth to one another. I have begun to realize that being part of your community here will be good for me. Simply because yes, I have Parkinson's and I deal with the same issues everyone else is dealing with every single day. I may write about it in my blog for others to read, but I live with Parkinson's just like you do. Thus, having a support forum like this will be a good thing. Best wishes all, Frank

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I'd say welcome to the forum, Frank, but it looks like you've already been here for a moment! There is a significant amount of support on this forum and the combined practical knowledge base is fairly impressive and at times quite useful! Good luck and good reading!


PD-Golfer in reply to chartist

Thanks Art, Frank

chartist in reply to PD-Golfer


If you are still out there, can you tell me if you have any opinion regarding serrapeptase and nattokinase for the purpose of reversing arterial plaque buildup?


Xenos in reply to chartist

Hello Art,

I have had many good returns on serrapeptase reversing arterial plaque build ups.

So I bought the book by Robert Redfern "The miracle enzyme". BTW, do not buy it : it's the catalogue of his company and is freely available on their site. Interesting though.

I read about clogged arteries, and happily ordered a bottle from "Doctor's Best". It's near my computer screen while I am writing this. 270 capsules of high potency 120,000 PSU serrapeptase.

I then go deeper in my search of potential side effects. It is commonly used in Japan, etc. Looks perfectly safe.

Until I found this : "serrapeptase can induce Stevens-Johnson syndrome" or "Lyell syndrome". Went to wikipedia to find that It happens only in 1 to 5 million cases but the pictures of the patients are not for the fainted hearts. You know after 2 to 28 days.

I will look for more info... but this was chilling.

chartist in reply to Xenos


Very interesting feedback! Thank you!

I got one of my brothers started on it a couple of months ago because he had two heart attacks and the doctor just gave him a blood thinner. Hopefully it works for him!

I had a nephew get SJS and it was ugly. He got it from a medication that his doctor prescribed. It can do a lot of damage such as leave you blind or dead! There really is no warning, it just comes on fast!


Xenos in reply to chartist

Sorry about that. Hope your nephew healed.

Just read this :

Single case reports of serious adverse effects associated with serrapeptase include bullous pemphigoid, hemorrhage in a patient with Behcet disease, and Stevens-Johnson syndrome. The case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome occurred with a combination product containing serrapeptase and diclofenac, an NSAID reported to cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

From :

chartist in reply to Xenos


Diclofenac, yes, I believe that is what my nephew took. I had no idea there was a product that contained serrapeptase and diclofenac! Needless to say he does not use it any more. He was sick for about two months! It took about a day and a half for it to affect him.


Hi Frank,

Welcome aboard!

Jeff K

PS: I've commented on your blog a couple of times.

Enjoyed reading your blog - welcome to PM!


Hello Frank! I would rather not have another PwP, but you are here now. This is the best Parkinson's forum and the wealth of information and help is incredible! I am not the PwP, my husband is, but I have read that high dose of Vitamin C will clear arterial plaque. My husband had a carotid artery stent and that caused me to search and read about plaque removal. It really works as my husband had a small piece of floating plaque launched in his right eye. The ophthalmologist was adamant plaque would be there forever. Last visit, a few days ago, he told my husband there was NO PLAQUE there anymore! I never mentioned anything to him. . .

Welcome to this lively forum Frank, looking forward to your contributions! Your blog is quite impressive - just skimmed through it and loved quotes overlaid on pictures along with some of your insights, especially Tenacity and “The Wizard of Oz” - very creative!

Welcome, Frank! This is an awesome forum, for those of us, diagnosed with PD! I have gotten my best support, and information, from others, in this forum, who have to deal with PD, every day!

Frank: I’m enjoying your blog. You have a lot of great suggestions about living well with Parkinson’s and cultivating a positive attitude.

Your list of 10 tips for living with PD is very useful. Tip Number 3 in particular is SO very true!

Medication clockwork. I have found that whatever I do each day depends on how closely I monitor when I take my pills — being on time matters.“

Yes. Timing is everything! I am finding that to be especially true right now as I’m adjusting to a new medication. Well, same medication/new manufacturer. (It does make a difference!)

I will continue to explore your blog. And I agree, this support group is the best!


Welcome to the forum. You are one of my Inspirations.

In February I will be diagnosed for 5 years and have been reading your blog for that long too. I am always happy when it appears in my emails.

Despe in reply to hopedope

Would you please provide Frank's blog link? Thank you!

hopedope in reply to Despe

His blog is Journey With Parkinsons. If you type that in you should see it.

Despe in reply to hopedope

Thank you! I believe I had found it in the past, just didn't remember. . .

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