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New study could 'drastically' change how we understand Parkinson's


The research, which appears in the journal Current Biology, found that symptoms of Parkinson's disease appear before the premature death of dopaminergic neurons.

"However, this research demonstrates that functional inhibition of dopaminergic neurons by surrounding astrocytes is the core cause of [Parkinon's disease]. It should be a drastic turning point in understanding and treating [Parkinson's disease] and possibly other neurodegenerative disease as well."

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Any way to reduce Gaba in our systems?

Here are previous discussions.

And here I take GABA as probably do many PWP. Do they mean something different with GABA? There are a lot of papers that it's good for us.

"Generally, patients with early PD have non-motor symptoms such as a decreased sense of smell, depression, and various gastrointestinal and other systemic features, which have been shown to predate the classical motor features of PD (Pellicano et al., 2007; Stefanis, 2012), and which are undoubtedly related to the deficit of GABA."

Horace99 in reply to MBAnderson

Got a GABA brand and dosage recommendation?

MBAnderson in reply to Horace99

Yes, I do, but this article says too much is bad. Nothing fancy. Now brand, 750 mg. It says right on the bottle, "neurotransmitter support."

Does anybody else feel jerked around??

Horace99 in reply to MBAnderson

At least it's cheap, lol. Unlike Hardys Essential Nutrients.

MBAnderson in reply to Horace99

Do you take Hardy's. $129 per bottle. Ugh.

Horace99 in reply to MBAnderson

No way. Strong marketing though right? Must get a good placebo boost at 130 a bottle.

LAJ12345 in reply to Horace99

It’s not a placebo effect. It does really work. Hubby had tried many other things before including almost all the things in it individually but after 3 days on Hardy’s his anxiety went away, and he had been seriously suicidal. I can’t see why suddenly he would have a placebo effect from this but nothing else. By the way if you add up all the cost of all the individual ingredients not to mention the inconvenience of taking and ordering them all it isn’t that expensive, plus the free helpline has been helpful.

The only other thing that has had a noticeable sudden effect is horny goat weed which seems to have cured the apathy.


Get a grip. It's a mouse study we (and I) have discussed before. How many times is it going to be posted on this forum as something "new"? Neuron dormancy is old stuff.


Thanks. I needed that.

Despe in reply to MBAnderson

Marc, I believe Horace99 is been sarcastic. :( Same for Hardy's. He is a vitamins/supplements non-believer, but he is a staunch meds supporter!

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

Ahhhh, so he is not interested in my tip about GABA.

Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe he'll let me pick his brain. I like a challenge.

So, Horace99, if you had a blood panel and it showed you were significantly low on vitamin B12 and vitamin D, what would you do about it?

faridaro in reply to MBAnderson

From my limited neurological understanding - glutamate converts to GABA, then GABA can convert to glutamine which is converted to glutamate which is our primary excitatory neurotransmitter related to microglial activation and in excess can become excitotoxin leading to neurological damage. So, supplementing with GABA can theoretically lead to excess glutamate - that's how I see it, but I could be wrong as there are many factors in glutamate to GABA balance issues.

Kia17 in reply to faridaro


Absolutely makes sense. It imbalances the amount of neurotransmitters and reduces Dopamin.

MBAnderson in reply to faridaro

Thank you.

Parkie- in reply to MBAnderson

I took "Gaba Calm", a mix of Gaba, glycine, n-acetyl and taurine for a while and was surprised it worsened my pd symptoms... So yes, feel jerked around!

This has not been replicated.

This is a new hypothesis and the major problem with it is there is no mention of alpha synuclein/Lewy bodies...

An excerpt:

"Reactive astrocytes in SNpc produce excessive GABA via MAO-B in animal models of PD."

A different take on GABA....

Parkinson's Disease and Neurodegeneration: GABA-Collapse Hypothesis

"Decline in the Ca2+/GABA control initiates several cascading processes leading to both weakened protective barriers (in particular the blood-brain barrier) and accumulations of intracellular deposits of calcium and Lewy bodies."

Until they can explain Lewy bodies I would not take too much interest in this new hypothesis.

Advertise or truth?

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