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Have just come across this blog on Facebook

I have just found this blog on Facebook. It is from the Parkinsons Movement so many people may have seen it already.

I have not seen all of the video - will watch it later. It also has some comments about not representing thoughts of everyone, but what does.

If anyone is interested it comes from the Parkinsons Movement via Paul De Roos, is called 'Learning from and with Patients',

I must stress that I have only watched part of the video, due to lack of time and it may not be of interest to anyone.

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hi sue

will watch it

thanks for the link

love jill :-)


I came across this site while on Facebook very helpful look forward to coming to log on everyday....nobody understands more than someone who actually has PD or who is a spouse or caretaker of someone who does


Hmm, I do not see a link in your post. If possible could you try it again, or message it to me?


Steve (Bisbee, AZ)


Hope this will be better.


This should provide the link.



The link you provided wouldn't open for me.


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