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when things go bump

when things go bump

It happens on frequent occasions

that things go bump

at night it's usually my knees or toes

"bump" that's the bed frame

"bump" who shut that door?

"bump" oh shoot Walter (a very handsome basset hound) I'm sorry to stumble into you, but since we're up let's bump our way to the sofa

In the morning, good grief, it's pitch forward "damn", stagger "crud"


ah there we are the kitchen challenge

"bump" that's my wrist greeting the table

"bump" yep the hip says hello to the counter

Yikes I smashed another coffee mug

You're right Walter, let's bump our way back to the sofa.

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Today I feel so Bumptious

though yesterday was scrumptious

I've broken glass

I've has to pass

on feeling bad

because I'm the kids granpass

for them I'll do anything

jungle gym or huge tree swing

it doesn't matter

they don't scatter

when I write bad chatter. Sorry


Loved apologies! Keep writing please, lol


bumpin up and down in my little red wagon

bumpin up and down in my little red wagon

wheel came off and the wagon's draggin

wheel came off and the wagon's draggin

won't ya be my darlin?

Good morning world! Let's get bumpin through the day!


My pal, the ice pack! Yesterday, the back of my hand. This morning my toe as it curled under my foot hit the metal door frame. What next.


Ouch!!! Good writing..explains it all...must totally


Hit my head on a monkey tush

so, some folks think that I'm a lush

I try to explain it's just me

and my long time buddy Mr. PD

they don't get it like you do

all they can say is Poopyitty poo poo

I ride the storm like it's a wave

keep my chin up and be brave

It's so much better than the grave...

this bumping is something

i don't need, a lot of times i start to bleed

but it's ok to cry now and then

because I can talk to you, you are my friend

my energy is running kinda low

and my feets are moving kinda slow

tbut hat's ok I'm just, me, Joe


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