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Prednisone and Parkinson’s


Has anyone noticed their Parkinson’ symptoms have improved if they received prednisone (or other corticosteroid) for an autoimmune condition? It happened to me, although the details are a bit hard to explain.

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Might this be because it reduces inflammation?

My regular doctor told me years ago, before diagnosis, that prednisone makes everyone feel better, no matter what. The problem is the side effects, unfortunately, no one can take it long term.

Friend70 in reply to DianeF

Thanks for your reply Diane. I think, as with any treatment, it’s a matter of balancing benefit vs. risk. if one has terrible PD symptoms that are greatly helped by prednisone (but not by standard PD treatment), why is that any riskier than a patient with MS getting therapy with prednisone? The contributions of inflammatory processes to Parkinson’s are now being studied more intensely, but I don’t think the knowledge is being applied to patient care as quickly as it could be.

I came across a case study that reported that short term use of prednisolone helped one women with 'dropped head syndrome.'

I would be curious to know if this steroid helped anybody else with neck dystonia.


Friend70 in reply to KemptonD

Thanks so much for the reference to this publication.

maryalice in reply to KemptonD

Thank you..

I would also be interested in knowing more about this. I have neck and foot dystopia really bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for the information. I have neck and foot dystonia. Do you?

Friend70 in reply to maryalice

I don’t have dystonia. Prednisone helped my bradykinesia, stiffness and balance problems (which levodopa did not), but I didn’t get it long enough to really assess it properly. My neurologist wouldn’t prescribe it for me.


I found this to be true, I had an allergic rash this summer and was on Prednisone for about 2 weeks I felt like my PD symptoms were better. Specifically my off periods were better. I think it may be due to being an anti inflammatory, just my thoughts

Friend70 in reply to ConnieD

Thanks for the info!

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