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looking for feedback on exercise routines


I have always found routines to be most beneficial and I would like to establish my PD exercise routines. Just met with Dr. Laurie Mischley who references studies which show 7 days per week of exercise for 30 plus minutes is best. Her data showed just a slight improvement from 6 to 7 days so she said many of her patients take a day off as a result of the minor difference. Her data also listed running as most effective means of slowing progression. I believe yoga was second and surprisingly rock climbing was third. My struggle is getting both the high impact cardio (running or stationary bike) done while also doing core strength work outs as well. I was alternating the running and the core strength work but my thinking is that I need to do the running everday. What are you all doing to maximize your chances to slow progression or keep it at bay? Specifically, if you don't mind, what is your routine? Thanks in advance, John.

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So far I run/water aerobics for 1/2 hour 3 times a week. Guess I need to step up my game!! Thanks so much for the push, Jockboy!!

CrossFit, yoga, gym 5x weekly, running and boxing.

Jockboy17 in reply to Rwor

Would you be so kind to break your schedule down a little bit more in detail? Best John

What bears do :-)


I alternate hiking with gym. Every day, usually 90 minutes total on average. When hiking my routes include a 30 minute climb that is fairly strenuous, I breathe hard and sweat. On gym days I do a 40 min aerobic workout on the elliptical getting heart rate to 75-80% of max, plus 20 min strength training and stretching, plus walking 10 min each way to the gym.

My plans are to shift to high intensity interval training next year, two or three times a week, and add some yoga.

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Thanks for sharing

I do 30 minute walk plus 30 minutes on stationary bike OR 60 minutes on stationary bike every day, plus 20-30 minutes of stretches and light weights which I got from PT at a Rehab hospital.

Thanks jack

i lift weights every day for an hour each day, stops all diskynesia, reduces my tremor greatly. And provides all round improvement in my PD symptoms

Jockboy17 in reply to AaronS

Thanks Aaron

Have you tried cycling as long as you bang it out it does wonders for body and mind and of of course I do 140 miles per week definitely improves and slows down the progression of this shite condition

Jockboy17 in reply to jeffmayer

sweet bro

Great on a winter morning makes you feel alive

Hi John,

agree. We need cardio every day. But we need also balance, stretching twisting and jumping. I heard Laurie Mischley about it and it is my experience as well. I use the YouTube video’s of Naomi Casiro on neurofitbc.com. I usually take warmup 1, exercise 4 and cooldown 1. My neurologist is amazed how well I am. I am improving! Pieter

I pull 100 pound sled 60 m at a time for 6 to 10 times. Also do HIIT on a bike varying the work rest times. Resistance exercises a few times per week, mobility work ala. Kelly Starrett and walking 2-3 miles.

I walk, run , walk for 45 minutes. I do stretch exercise for 30 min for 6 days a week. One day rest should be given to body to rejuvenate. I write two pages to improve my handwriting and practice signatures . I sing songs of my choice with the music and read newspaper loudly to correct my speech..I drink lots of water to avoid cramps.

I am 56 years of age and have been suffering from PD for last two years..I am prescribed rasagellin 1 Mg once a day and pramirol SR 0.26 three tablets twice a day. Apart from minor tremors and big muscular pain in my left hand, I am Ok..I drive car, bike and feel no problem

I am not a Phys Ed person but Running is not easy on the joints and for older people it is not recommended. What I have found is best for us is to do intensive exercise every second day, which gives our muscles a chance to recover. Otherwise the muscles eat themselves up in order to get the energy they need to do what you make them do,

Look at my website - reverseparkinsons.net and read about fast walking. After eight years of fast walking I was able to stop taking Pd medication and I have lived a normal life since 2002. I am now 85 but due to atrial fibrillation I have had to stop doing the fast walking. Hopefully, I will start doing it again if I can get the AF to improve.

Despe in reply to JohnPepper

Hi John! Husband had same problem (tachycardia). He had cardiac ablation in 2012 and ever since he is doing fine. Have you thought about cardiac ablation?

We do fast walk every other day for a little more than an hour.

JohnPepper in reply to Despe

I have never heard of it. I will look it up.

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