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Metronome vibrating watch for walking


Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience using a metronome for walking? I have the Soundbrenner phone app which I listen to through my headset.

It is really helpful but I am embarrassed using the headset socially. I am looking to purchase a pulse metronome watch which vibrates thus is less conspicuous.

However, I am wondering whether the vibrations are strong enough to feel while walking. I would love some feedback if anyone can help.

Have a great day.

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I haven't heard of this metronome. Looking to get a laser cane for my husband. Going to neurologist today to get him to sign some paperwork.

Hubby's voice is very low and we purchased the low end model of chattervox - see link - but he's not comfortable wearing in a restaurant. Looking for something more discreet. So we understand ....

I'm going to check out the metronome vibrating watch.

Lemur2019 in reply to LindaP50

Thanks Linda for the link on Chattervox. I will check it out as my voice is also very low. Let me know what you think of the metronome vibrating watch.

LindaP50 in reply to Lemur2019

The watch looks interesting. Found info

and we've asked the neurologist for a script to get the laser cane. I'm sure with the Medicare process this will take a while to get in our hands. I'll keep the info on the watch in case the laser cane doesn't work (or we don't get approved, whatever).

Lemur2019 in reply to LindaP50

Thanks for the link. Good to see research on practical issues

Maybe you could try the app in the meantime. Good luck with the cane

LindaP50 in reply to Lemur2019

i'm going to check out the app today. the laser cane - going through circles with the insurance company - misinformation, lack of information, etc. but i'm going at it ...

I have tried the vibrating wristband and yes it is strong enough to feel while walking. You can use without the sound but if you do want the sound it comes from phone still not wristband. Worth trying. You have 30 days to return it. I know a music therapist who uses it for gait training.

Thanks for this. Do you mind telling me the brand? I use the soundbrenner app but it doesn't offer a trial.

I got the soundbrenner pulse. I believe the app is free. You have to pay for the device and if returned within 30 days, they will give a refund.

Thanks, will give it a go

I have bought the watch and can feel the vibration but cannot play the metronome through the phone. When I turn the watch off and start the app the vibration starts again. I have contacted them. Hopefully they can help.

I use a metronome all the time, great for arm swing, just downloaded a free app onto my phone. There are several options for use; for me I pulse it at beat 1 and 3 and time my left arm back-swing. Works very well. I don't bother with head phones, just listen to the pips from my pocket. Doesn't work as well if there is heavy traffic though. Get the odd strange look, but hey I've bigger fish to fry.

Funny thing is after a while you don't need it as much as you begin to automatically count the beats in your head.

Lemur2019 in reply to Bundoran

That's very helpful thanks. Does timing arm swing help with freezing?

Bundoran in reply to Lemur2019

I'm not sure, I'm still in the early stages and I can't say. However the sound of the beats gives a definite rhythm to your stride that helps propel you forward, like soldiers marching to the beat of a drum.

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