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Parkinson and Frozen shoulder


Is frozen shoulder an early symptom or precursor of parkinson? Is it true that parkinson patients will suffer from frozen shoulders soon or later and it will last for years?

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Male,62,diag 2015...I had frozen shoulder 2 yrs prior to pwp diagnoses. I've read that 8% of pwp had frozen shoulder prior to diag.

Had frozen shoulder in 2009, diagnosed with pd in 2017. Along with frozen shoulder came sciatica on the same side of the body. Both came out one day without my changing exercise habits or anything else...

My PD diagnosis followed a frozen shoulder.

I had a frozen left shoulder for eighteen months, then a frozen right shoulder for a year then PD diagnosis.

My husband has PD and one of his early symptoms years before diagnosis was a frozen shoulder. It was treated and helped by physio and pain killers. No other visible symptoms appeared for a year or so then I noticed stiffening of his upper body - wasn’t diagnosed til 2015 when there was a problem in hand and finger co ordination. He doesn’t have the frozen shoulder now!

my first symptom was a frozen shoulder with no swing and favouring my right had with limited motor movement in the hand, meds give the shoulder relief, but i still hit the weights in the gym pretty hard as well. I have better movement now overall but i still think i have a year or so still to endure in the 'lifecycle' of a frozen shoulder

I had what I think was frozen shoulder in my right shoulder which went away once I started on sinemet . Prior to that painkillers did not even touch the pain reply

yes, I had it for about a year before my diagnosing .

I had a frozen shoulder on my right side for a year and then got it on my left for another year. I tried PT but didnt help, had to eventually get cortisone shots which did the trick. 2 yrs later was dx with PD

I got it at onset, it went away after my FUS surgery.

Some people find relief for frozen shoulder using magnesium chloride oil, commonly called mag oil (MO). MO comes in a spray bottle making it easy to apply to affected areas. Mo can stop cramps in hands, feet, arms and legs quickly. Relieve tension and pain in neck and shoulders. MO is an effective pain reliever and it relaxes the stiff muscles that you apply it to. Many people find it very helpful for pain in the shoulders such as frozen shoulder or torn rotator cuff and shoulder pain is fairly common in PD. MO can also reduce swelling in joints and is also effective for arthritic pain and backaches. It helps with neck pain also and can help relieve headaches caused by neck and shoulder tension. For people who tend to get cramps when exercising, walking or running, applying MO before starting can be helpful also.

MO works quickly once applied to the skin and is well absorbed so it can add to your total magnesium intake. MO is very inexpensive and can be found in well stocked supplement shops or online from any major supplement supplier. An 8 ounce spray bottle lasts for quite awhile and is very useful to keep in your medicine cabinet. An 8 ounce spray bottle can be had for under $10 making it inexpensive to test to see if it will work for you.

Here is a link to a typical MO 8 ounce spray bottle :

Some of the forum members have found it quite useful and use it regularly! Lastly, magnesium helps the body to get the full benefit from vitamin d!


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Well crap, I'm gonna order it but is a 'frozen shoulder' going to present like arthritis? I've got a full range of motion through the joint but it aches when lifting weights.

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So I checked WebMD. Now I know 'frozen shoulder' is capsulitis. Inflammatory chemicals in the joint reduce lubrication and let bone spurs form. And I read that it happens in 12% of people with PD. If a shot of steroid into the joint takes the pain away for a while, does that mean it's not related to PD? I wouldn't harp on this except everything is happening in my left arm: Shoulder pain and hand tremor.

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Mag oil (MO) has helped some people with both issues, but like every other type of remedy, the only way to know if it will work for you is to actually try it. At $10 for an 8 ounce bottle it will not break the bank and if it relieves the pain that is a cheap remedy that will last quite awhile and can be used for other issues like muscle cramps and sprains! It also is well absorbed and will add to your magnesium intake. If you try it, please post your results so that others in a similar situation can consider MO also.


I had a frozen shoulder on my right side 2 years before pd diagnosis. Had surgery after PT and cortisone shot failed. It is fine now but my tremor is in my right arm.

It was for me.

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