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my husband has had parkinsons now for 5 years with the meds he manages .a new symptom has come up ,he says his feet hert on the bottom.going to see parkinsons nurse in to you all.

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Always stay positive, no matter what!! Be strong to yourself and to your husband. It will work out because it always works out.

My mum had something similar, which was diagnosed as “peripheral neuropathy”. Worth asking the PDN or Consultant about, there are pain relieving medications that could help, though it might be trial and error finding the right one...

alicekeff in reply to beech

thanks for the tip its worth trying.we will give it a go

I have the same 😕

If it actually is peripheral neuropathy, some common supplements for that are alpha lipoic acid, acetyl l carnitine, vitamin D and vitamin B-12.


My husband has it. Had it long before the Parkinson’s diagnosis. Some say it is a result of statins, but there is little proof. He uses this cream and says it helps him immensely.

He has also used a THC/CBD cream in a 1:1 formulation and it has helped, but the cream is only available in states where you can legally buy marijuana.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply.

I occasionally have the same feeling on the bottom of my feet. Some days are worse than others. Sometimes while lying in bed I touch the bottoms and feel how sensitive they are. I figured it must be neuropathy. Googled it:

One form of peripheral nervous system disease is a peripheral neuropathy, a distal-predominant process affecting the feet and legs, and in more severe cases, the hands and torso [5]. Peripheral neuropathy can manifest as a disease of the axons or the myelin, or both, within nerve fibers.

I live with constant foot pain. So bad that it can stop me walking. Paracetamol 1000 is the only solution so far. My Neurologist has added Lyrica but to date no effect. It started after I had DBS so may be different. Accupuncture (I did 5 sessions was working) worth checking this out but I have been travelling so much that I never folllowed through but have every intention to do so. OW, yup it can be very difficult to treat, but never give up and keep on living!!


European Parkinson Therapy Centre


I think I remember you from a year or two ago on this forum for a very short time, was that you?

Regarding the foot pain that sort of responds to paracetamol, have you ever tried magnesium chloride oil or mag oil as it is commonly referred to(MO) applied to the top of the foot, ankle and possibly the bottom of the foot if it does not disturb the skin on the bottom of the foot? In some people MO has helped with nerve pain, but not everyone. If paracetamol 1,000 is 1,000 mg, that can be a little harsh on the liver in some people who are not very tolerant of it. As a long term pain solution at high dose, possibly risky :

Regarding MO, it is very inexpensive to test it as an 8 ounce spray bottle and is useful for other symptoms such as cramps in hands, arms, legs and feet. It is also quite useful for joint pain such as shoulders, wrists and neck. It also is useful for relaxing tense muscles and can help relieve arthritic pain. Overall it is a good thing for PWPs to have in their medicine cabinet. It is also absorbed through the skin to add to your total magnesium intake

Here is a link to an inexpensive MO to test with to see if it helps with the foot pain and any of the other conditions above and more :

and one other one at a slightly higher price that has a much better rating, but still less than $10 :

If you decide to try either one, please report your results on the forum so other members can possibly see the value in MO for common symptoms.

It may be that adding MO allows you to reduce your paracetamol/Tylenol dose!


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