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Loss of Sense of Taste


My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2012 and has recently lost his sense of Taste. He says about 80%. He has started on B1, we are up to 2500mg and increasing. I’m hoping this will help. Anyone else had this problem?

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My friend with PD has that also - thought it went along with his lack of smell

gwendolinej in reply to lenamm

Thanks lenamm. Alan still has his sense of smell. He loves and knows his wine so it’s very sad for him.

lenamm in reply to gwendolinej

That would be hard - I love food!

I got mine back by taking 1/2 to 1 tsp of Mannitol per day. Took several months.

Thanks Icequeen. Why did you start taking it and how did you know how much to take. I've now read a little about it.

i became nterested in mannitol about 2 years ago when the videos from israel hit the news. i researched enough to determine that this a natural sweetner and was unlikely to be harnmful. i ordered p;owder from amazon. it was mentioned that the usual dose is 1/2 to 1 tsp/day. i have been taking 1/2 tsp daily for over one year. i am increasing slowly.......now, i did not have the results that the gentleman from israel had - he had normal movments, normal uise of his hands and arms. that, of course, is my hope!

Thanks for that. I asked our pharmacist about it (not a pharmacy product of course). He did some research and said that the trials on mice indicated that, unlike other trials, going to a higher dose doesn’t work as well. So maybe you are on the right dose now or maybe, like B 1, dosage is individual. If I can’t find his research, I’ll ask for the link and let you know.

Loss of sense of smell is tightly connected to PD . Lost of taste can be connected to that.

Parsa in reply to Hikoi

Hi. My partner diagnosed for PD just around Christmas. Now he is telling me his understanding of smell of things has changed. He does smell just differently. Is this normal with PD?

gwendolinej in reply to Parsa

We visited neurologist today. He said that a change in sense of smell and taste more often happen early in the disease, not as late as my husband’s (7 years). We are about to try Mannitol, as in Icequeen10’s post.

Parsa in reply to gwendolinej

Thanks for the reply. I hope they find the cure soon.

Hikoi in reply to Parsa


It is possible to smell things differently in PD - yes


Not everyone losses their sense of smell, i could smell things when i was first diagnosed but it was more intermittent. Probably this is what is happening to Gwendolinej husband.

Thanks Hikoi

Yes. I have lost some degree sense of smell and taste, not as much as your husband but definitely a loss. Since taking mannitol it seems to improve somewhat.

Where did you get it from. I’m trying to source it here in Australia.

I’m in US. Got from Amazon. Bulk supplements is the vendor and was best price for me. Been using about a year. Seems to have improved but intermittently. Taking 1.25 tablespoon daily in coffee or fruit smoothie.

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