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Cinnamon brings new hope for Parkinson’s Disease


"According to many studies cinnamon helps prevent cellular damage to the area of the brain that causes Parkinson’s."

My friend has been using cinnamon and I'd begun to believe that his success was due to properties of Sodium benzoate and how they acted in the gut. I thought that the antibacterial activities of Sodium benzoate in the gut might be preventing the breakdown of Levadopa in the gut which is a major reason that folks have to increase their levadopa and endure unpleasant side effects from the breakdown of Levadopa in the gut. This article is focused on the activity of Cinnamon in the brain itself, but maybe it has a duel action, maybe it works on the gut too? I'm amazed at the benefits of Cinnamon for my friend. Ceylon is probably the best Cinnamon to use.

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The site that you linked to couldn't be bothered to actually link to any study.

This is probably the study referred to:

Which used the " MPTP mouse model of PD" which is not PD at all but an artificially induced parkinsonism. This idea will be worth consideration when they show it helps actual humans with actual PD. I do like and use cinnamon BTW.

yeramian in reply to park_bear

Thanks for this link! It's a well documented scientific study, though based on mouse models!

I had never heard of cinnamon being beneficial for PD patients! I use cinnamon all the time, it being a favorite spice for me!

Always good to read on supplements, products which may help with a disease. But I paused when noticed this was written by "Mr. Vitamin" - hmmmmm

Thank you Yeramian. Your post is a reminder to me.

BTW, Ceylon not the best, it's the only Cinnamon to use : the others (China ?) are toxic to the liver.

Ceylon is also supposed to help neural regeneration.

RS313 in reply to Xenos

where can you buy this cinnamon?

Xenos in reply to RS313

I use "Ceylon Cinnamon" by directly or through amazon.

Interesting..! Never give up hope people!

God Speed!

It was also supposed to control Type 2 diabetes but that didn’t happen!!

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