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Gut bacteria can EAT mediation


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Interesting article, thanks for sharing.

It certainly explains why Levodopa meds behave differently on a daily basis, and provides a clue towards the importance of having an extremely broad diet, while not consuming too much of any one particular food on a daily basis.

Thanks for posting. Interesting following the research on the Brain/Gut connection. Hopeful that an approved alternative medication administration path is on the horizon.

HeartSong in reply to Sane1

Sane1, here in the U.S., I think there are trials in progress now for a continuous transdermal delivery system of levodopa that completely bypasses the G.I. system. Here's an article.

Juliegrace in reply to HeartSong

Sadly, I believe Neuroderm has stalled out. They were bought by a large Japanese pharmaceutical company in 2017 and there was some talk that they (Neuroderm) had overstated the success of their initial trials.

HeartSong in reply to Juliegrace

Thanks for the update, Juliegrace. I knew that their progress had been interrupted because they were having problems with the original patch that they were using, but they supposedly ironed out that problem. I hadn't heard about the overstatement of their success. I wonder if it was due to an unintended consequence or if they knowingly did it with an intention of concealing the truth.

Juliegrace in reply to HeartSong

It seemed to be in response to people who felt the Japanese co overpaid for them. It could all just be rumors, too. I have been watching them in hopes that their insulin type pump would be fast tracked for approval but it seems unlikely at this point.

Very interesting. Now if they could only tell us what we should NOT be eating so that our medication might be effective!

I wonder why there is no injection form of L-dopa that could successfully bypass guts with unfriendly flora? Or there is some?

There is the duodopa pump. Also the new inhaled carbidopa/levadopa although it is used for off times between oral doses.

Just got a call from the Inbrija pharmacy- $500 for 12 day supply of inhaled ldopa. It goes from your lungs to the blood. I have serious worries regarding long term safety.

HeartSong in reply to felixned

Felixned, I, too, have serous worries regarding the long term safety of inhaled levodopa. It's using the delicate lung tissue in a way that it was never designed to be used.

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