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Suicide in Parkinson’s disease


Persons with Parkinson’s disease (PwP) have many known risk factors for suicide and suicidal ideation (SI). Despite this, there is limited understanding of suicidality in this population. We conducted a systematic review to synthesise the available literature on suicidality in PwP and highlight areas for potential intervention and further research. We identified 116 articles discussing SI, suicidal behaviours, suicide attempts and/or fatal suicide in PwP. These articles describe prevalence, suicide methods, risk factors for suicide and SI and treatment of suicidality. In this review, we summarise the current literature and provide suggestions for how clinicians can identify and treat PwP who are at risk for suicide, for example, through aggressive treatment of depression and improved screening for access to lethal means.

There is an evidence for increased completed suicide in first-degree relatives of LRRK2 G2019S mutation Parkinson’s disease.

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I have long wondered about this . I know this happens but you are the only person who has said anything.

cheerful just the right thing to lighten up your day

Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. There are so many possibilities. Anyone with serious health challenges, not just PD, would think of exiting. Having faith in God helps give you strength in your time of need

It's very difficult, living with Parkinson'd Disease, especially to deal with changing symptoms, and progression. Because of this, I believe it to be very important for "Parkies" to have support from others, and a way to vent their frustrations. Depression is diagnosed with some, who have PD, and it is just another uphill battle, to stay focused, and remain positive, in the face of adversity! Therefore, many times,!medicine and professional counseling can be very helpful! Finding coping strategiesis essential, in navigating the variabilities of living with Parkinson's Disease.

My husband was suicidal around Christmas due to unrelenting anxiety. Twice he was at the point of driving fast and finding a lamppost to crash into. Only irrational thoughts like he was in our better car and had his keys to the other vehicle prevented him and when he came home to swap vehicles and take off the unneeded keys I was up and he couldn’t find the excuse to go out again so he told me.

He found taking Hardy’s daily essential nutrients has totally removed all anxiety and he is back to his normal personality😊. He is also much more proactive and less apathetic for the first time in a few years.

If you are feeling this way please tell someone close and try the Hardy’s nutrients. They may help you feel less anxious too.

Millbrook in reply to LAJ12345

So glad that your point of crisis has passed and he is much better.

LAJ12345 in reply to Millbrook


I strongly believe that committing suicide can be a way to solve my problems with Parkinson's disease. For me it's necessary, as an extra exit in case of unbelieveebale suffering or pain. Every animal has the right to exit f. E. with pentobarbital, I have to shoot myself etc. Sttistially each train driver has two cases of suicide during his work life.

Hidden in reply to matthias_baum

No. I disagree. You only have the right to “exit” this world if you will cause pain to no one else. Unless everyone around you has already died, the chances that you can “exit” the world without impacting anyone is slim to none.

You seriously need help. Please get help immediately.

I am in agreement. Many people who live with debilitating illness have a keen interest in the manner in which they choose to die ~

I understand

Astra7 in reply to matthias_baum

I agree with you. It’s an option for when things get too bad. It’s early days for me now but I intend to fine tune a plan for when life becomes not worth living. No guns in Australia so that’s not an option, but hopefully voluntary euthanasia will be legal by the time I need it if I do.

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